From our Founder

  • How to Care for Your Fragrances

    So you’ve invested in a gorgeous fragrance. First, congratulations. Investing in fragrance is a great form of self care and part of a wonderful first impression. Now, it’s time to help you get the most out of your investment. Caring for your fragrances appropriately will help you to get the most out of your investment and keep them true to scent for as long as possible.
  • Summer Travel Tips and Tricks

    Anyone else in full blown wanderlust mode lately? If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug you’re not alone. You’re also in luck! Today we are kicking off a fun new travel series where I plan to bring you tons of ideas for mini trips to cities all across the US! Along with ideas of what to do and where to go in each place, I’ll keep dropping my favorite trips on how to travel in style no matter where you go. Today I’ll be giving general travel tips for wherever you go but stay tuned in the near future for city specific blogs that you won’t want to miss!
  • Product Guide: Luxury Beard Oil- Deep Conditioner

    Anuket Luxury Apothecary’s Luxury Beard Oil - Deep Conditioner was added to our product lineup in the Fall of 2020 as part of their self-care collection. It is the product every bearded man needs. Facial hair and the skin underneath require care and nourishment and we believe that self care has no gender. Men often wash and care for the hair on their head, but forget about the hair on their face. Everyone deserves to look, feel, and smell their best! Our beard oil was developed with this in mind to help facial hair grow softer, stronger, and healthier.
  • The Six Scents that Started it All

    If you’re someone who has already been introduced to Anuket Luxury Apothecary’s Pure Oil Fragrances, you are likely familiar with at least a couple of your favorites. If you’re new here, welcome! Today I want to share about our original six fragrances, the gorgeous scents that have brought Anuket to where it is today.
  • Product Guide: Hydrating Hair Fragrance

    Let’s talk about hair care! One of Anuket founder Ashlee Dozier’s FAVORITE products is the Hydrating Hair Fragrance. She uses it almost every day and it leaves the ends of her hair feeling moisturized and healthy, and of course it smells amazing!
  • Ashlee's Favorite Things

    Let’s be honest, I love to spoil myself and I am not ashamed to admit it. While the things I love are on my mind, I was inspired to organize them into a guide that I could share with YOU! If you were looking for a sign, this is it. Treat yourself, my friend! Or, treat a loved one. These items make my life easier, more fun, more efficient, more luxurious, and more. I’ve listed my daily faves, my must haves, and my soon to snag items. We should all have a little wish list to keep us inspired!
  • Tips for Having a Classy and Successful Market Booth

    Having Anuket Luxury Apothecary has afforded me the opportunity to host at several markets and, totally tooting my own horn here, we always get the best compliments on our booth and branding. Putting together eye catching market booths that draw in business and make my time at a vendor event worthwhile is honestly kind of fun for me. So, I thought I’d love sharing my tips and tricks for a successful market booth here with you as well!
  • Product Guide: Pure Sakkara Roll-On Fragrance

    One of Anuket Luxury’s earliest products, Sakkara oil is a gorgeous addition to any fragrance lover’s collection. Sourced only from Egypt, Anuket is one of the only sources of this delicate and rare oil in the US. It is an excellent layering oil but it can totally stand on its own as well. Our product guide provides information on product highlights, how to use the roll-on fragrance, where and how sakkara oil is made, and other tips and tricks for sakkara oil use.
  • Small Business Ideas and How to Start One

    If you’re here, you might be a little like me, and have come to a point in your life where the typical 9-5 type of job just isn't the lifestyle for you. There is something about it that becomes so mundane and exhausting for us who have more of a creative, entrepreneurial mindset. I think we tend to get caught up in the day to day and working up the corporate ladder to be successful, that we forget about all these amazing opportunities out there for small businesses, all these chances to really do something we love.
  • The Spring Update Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

    It’s that time of year, my favorite time of year! Spring has sprung and I always feel so excited and hopeful this time of year. It feels like my corner of the world is waking up after a long winter and fresh starts feel easier. Everything feels possible and magical and there is a sense of renewed energy floating around. Can you relate? Maybe I’m partial to Spring because I was born this time of year, but I really think there’s something special about this season. Keep reading for my best tips on updating your home, wardrobe, organization habits, and more.
  • Product Guide: Pure Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance

    If you’re familiar with Anuket Luxury Apothecary, it’s likely that you’ve at least heard of our signature product, Pure Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance. At Anuket we are proud to be one of the only sources of pure papyrus oil in the US. This versatile oil is a fan favorite that never disappoints and has a myriad of uses. Our product guide provides information on product highlights, how to use the roll-on fragrance, where and how papyrus oil is made, and other tips and tricks for papyrus oil use.
  • Anuket x James & Jezebelle Demi-Fine Jewelry Capsule Collection

    Inspired by the fresh start of Spring, the Anuket x James & Jezebelle Demi-Fine Jewelry Capsule Collection is beautifully minimal yet perfectly balanced. The clean and crisp designs throughout the capsule are reminiscent of our signature fragrance, Papyrus oil. Even the stones and crystals selected are known for their high vibration, cleansing abilities, and the power to support us through change.