Our Story

Anuket was born as part of an incredible journey, when founder Ashlee Dozier transformed her life and found her true passion.

Ashlee traveled the world solo for almost four months after freeing herself from an emotionally abusive relationship. The first thing she aimed to do was connect with new cultures and rediscover who she really was, while working to rebuild her self-confidence and inner strength.

Among the 12 countries she visited, Egypt turned out to be one of her favorites. While enjoying Cairo, she made new friends who encouraged her to take a cruise down the Nile River.

Serendipity brought her to a perfumery at one of the cruise ports, where she instantly fell in love with the crisp, clean unisex scent of papyrus oil. Ashlee returned home to the United States with some papyrus oil, continuing to wear it daily. After many compliments and inquiries on how to purchase her new signature scent, Ashlee discovered that it was not readily available in the US.

So, more than two years after her initial global journey, Ashlee found her true passion—bringing the amazing scent of papyrus oil to all the people who may otherwise never have the chance to experience it. Anuket continues to expand with exotic oils, handpicked by Ashlee, that serve as fragrances, skincare, and aromatherapy.