Athflow in 2022 - Just a Fad or Here to Stay?

Athflow is all about flow, comfort, and style on a budget.  We at Anuket love the freedom of movement and style this look offers.  Flowy dresses, breathable pants, and loose-fit tops make this a fashion statement that looks as good at Sunday brunch as it does in the boardroom.  But has Athflow run its course?  Is this a style that has staying power in 2022?  Or has the world moved on from this chic, comfortable trend?

The State of Athflow in 2022

While some are ready to transition onto more elegant fare after being stuck in their homes for the long winter, the consensus in the fashion world is that Athflow is not going anywhere, anytime soon.  Blending a laid-back vibe, accessible price points, and an onslaught of designs for 2022, it's safe to say that Athflow has more staying power than other recent trends - remember ‘Avant Basic,’ anyone?

With warmer weather on its way, it is time to shed those heavy winter pieces for clothing that offers comfort, ease of movement, and a luxurious look.  

An Athflow outfit is perfect for a spring picnic, summer pool party, or a trip to the beach.  And can even be styled up for the workday. Enjoy the feel of comfort whether it's the breeze and great conversations with friends that you are after, or just a less constricted look for meetings in the A.C.

Athflow and Fast Fashion

We at Anuket are staunchly anti-’Fast Fashion,’ - companies producing cheap knockoffs of trending pieces, while often underpaying workers.  Besides negatively impacting the environment and wasting clothes that could go to the needy, Fast Fashion may leave you with no lasting, high quality clothes to keep in your collection.  

Dressing for the moment may be trendy, but well taken care of staples will give you style for years to come.  To some, Athflow is the definition of Fast Fashion - quickly produced clothing to capitalize on a trend.  However, Fast Fashion is only as ‘fast’ as you let it be!  Being mindful to take care of your Athflow outfits and purchase from sustainable brands; this is a great way to ensure that your outfits will still be looking and feeling good in the years to come.

Athflow Outfits to Inspire

Althflow is all about - no mystery here - flow.  A sweep of oversized, large-patterned Billabong pants paired with a loose sweater cuts a chic silhouette.  

Add some modern sneakers and dangling Anuket earrings and you’ve created a look that’s as at home running errands as it is getting a meal with friends.  

The other notable aspect of this outfit is that I got it mostly on consignment or borrowed from a friend.  At Anuket, we love upscale consignment and the simple act of reaching out to a friend and borrowing pieces from one another, which could mean an ever changing closet!  Consider checking out Revolve Clothing Exchange or LabelSwap - two of our favorite thrifty stores in Tampa Bay.  

In fashion, simplicity is often the best rule to follow.  Pair a plain, flowing white tank top (a well-maintained closet staple from Target) with a silk skirt skirt from Poshmark to make a statement that’s both trendy and comfortable.  

Choose a black top with sleeves if you’re going for a more considered look. Adding layers of gold necklaces, large demi-fine hoop earrings from Anuket, black ASH high-heels from ThredUp, and a Mace Cordova watch from Ella Bing Haberdashery ties this look together, and even makes it work-appropriate. 

This is a slightly more conservative, professional look, but it falls under the banner of Athflow for its comfort and ease of movement.  

A well-taken care of white top from H&M - 10+ years old, if you can believe it (before I knew better than buying Fast Fashion, but still turned into a staple piece in my wardrobe because of the care taken!).  I paired that with a loose-legged pair of white pants from White House Black Market

Vintage Chanel earrings and bracelets and rings from Anuket's Jewelry Collection round out this outfit.

Here I've combined a flowing white top borrowed from a friend with softly-patterned Athflow-style pants from O'Neill, received in a subscription box from Beachly. Consider taking a look at their subscription options - each box is a serious value and they love supporting small and sustainable brands.

The earrings and rings are from our Luxury Fragrance Diffusing Jewelry line that is COMING SOON to the Anuket webpage! 

Lastly, the sunglasses are a men's pair of Ella Bing's polarized sunglasses.  Why avoid men's accessories if they look this good?  

Have you been following the Athflow trend into 2022?  What are some favorite new pieces you’ve seen?  How are you making these pieces ‘wardrobe staples,’ and not Fast Fashion? Share your answers in the comments below.  The best part of fashion is sharing it with friends, so let us know!  

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