From our Founder

  • Product Guide - Sandalwood Beard Comb

    One of our oft-overlooked products here at Anuket is the Sandalwood Beard Comb. Though referred to as a beard comb, this handy pocket comb has a ton of other uses. Featuring two sets of teeth (fine and wide) for any hair length or thickness, our beard comb is made of solid sandalwood. It also comes in a vegan-leather carrying case, perfect for bringing it wherever it might be needed.
  • Outside the Box Ways to Use Your Linen Spray

    If you’re a home fragrance junkie like me, I feel like I can safely assume that you’ve been acquainted with a linen spray. If you haven’t, prepare to get excited! I find that a lot of people think of linen sprays with just one or two of their typical uses but there are so many creative ways to use a linen spray in your home to enhance your home fragrance experience.
  • Product Guide: Luxury Beard Oil- Deep Conditioner

    Anuket Luxury Apothecary’s Luxury Beard Oil - Deep Conditioner was added to our product lineup in the Fall of 2020 as part of their self-care collection. It is the product every bearded man needs. Facial hair and the skin underneath require care and nourishment and we believe that self care has no gender. Men often wash and care for the hair on their head, but forget about the hair on their face. Everyone deserves to look, feel, and smell their best! Our beard oil was developed with this in mind to help facial hair grow softer, stronger, and healthier.
  • Product Guide: Hydrating Hair Fragrance

    Let’s talk about hair care! One of Anuket founder Ashlee Dozier’s FAVORITE products is the Hydrating Hair Fragrance. She uses it almost every day and it leaves the ends of her hair feeling moisturized and healthy, and of course it smells amazing!
  • Product Guide: Pure Sakkara Roll-On Fragrance

    One of Anuket Luxury’s earliest products, Sakkara oil is a gorgeous addition to any fragrance lover’s collection. Sourced only from Egypt, Anuket is one of the only sources of this delicate and rare oil in the US. It is an excellent layering oil but it can totally stand on its own as well. Our product guide provides information on product highlights, how to use the roll-on fragrance, where and how sakkara oil is made, and other tips and tricks for sakkara oil use.
  • Product Guide: Pure Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance

    If you’re familiar with Anuket Luxury Apothecary, it’s likely that you’ve at least heard of our signature product, Pure Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance. At Anuket we are proud to be one of the only sources of pure papyrus oil in the US. This versatile oil is a fan favorite that never disappoints and has a myriad of uses. Our product guide provides information on product highlights, how to use the roll-on fragrance, where and how papyrus oil is made, and other tips and tricks for papyrus oil use.
  • What is Papyrus?

    Anuket is proud to be one of the only importers of single-source, ethically produced, cold-pressed, papyrus oil into the US for our customers to enjoy. The rich history, beautiful scent, and myriad of other great qualities repeatedly make it a fan favorite and our standout signature scent. Papyrus oil comes from the papyrus plant (Cyperus papyrus) which is a grassy, aquatic plant that prefers to grow in bodies of water with its roots submerged. However, it can also live on muddy banks and near other watery areas where its roots can remain consistently wet.