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  • 5 Tips to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

    Ever put your perfume or cologne on in the morning, just to have it magically disappear within a few hours or less? Not only is it frustrating as hell, but it's a waste of money too! I've compiled FIVE of my favorite tips for ensuring whatever fragrance you are using won't dissipate too quickly.
  • How to Create Your Mindful Space

    As the New Year rolls in, it is the perfect time to find ways to improve your space and in turn your mindspace. An apothecary is the perfect place to go to find easy tips to improve your space and your mindful techniques. From fragrance, to decor, to self-care, we have fast and easy ways to ground yourself and escape daily stressors.
  • How to Create a Luxurious Bedtime Routine

    Bedtime routines are usually loved or hated. I rarely come across someone who is ambivalent about them. However, when I come across someone who hates them it’s usually for a few reasons. It was forced on them as a child, they can’t seem to stick to it, or they don’t understand the need for one. Whether you love or hate them right now, I still want to share a few tips that will enhance your experience and maybe, just maybe, even change your mind.
  • How to Care for Your Fragrances

    So you’ve invested in a gorgeous fragrance. First, congratulations. Investing in fragrance is a great form of self care and part of a wonderful first impression. Now, it’s time to help you get the most out of your investment. Caring for your fragrances appropriately will help you to get the most out of your investment and keep them true to scent for as long as possible.
  • Tips for Shoe Care and Maintenance

    Today I’d like to share with you some of my best tips for getting the most out of your favorite shoes. These tips and tricks, for men’s and women’s shoes, will extend their life and keep you as comfortable as possible while you dress to impress.
  • What’s in my Beauty Bag?

    Today I’m going to share both skincare and makeup recommendations because I believe that a beautiful makeup application is made more possible with a healthy skin canvas. Plus, unless you’re a huge makeup fanatic, sometimes you just want to go makeup free. Good skincare makes it easy to do that with a confidence that we all deserve.
  • How to Implement Oils Into Your Skincare Routine

    The use of oils in skincare is nothing new, it was believed that Cleopatra herself wore a form of papyrus oil as part of her beauty regimen! If you know anything about skincare you have probably at least heard of facial oils. You’ve also probably seen the abundant amount of them on the market.
  • How To Create A Luxe Vibe At Home

    The best part about adding luxury to your environment is the opportunity to get to know yourself better. A luxury home environment is about curating your space and asking yourself what is a priority and what feels good to you. Luxury at home isn’t at all about being bougie or doing too much, it's about doing what you deserve. What we all deserve is a safe, comforting, and enriching space to call our own. Keep reading for my tips and ideas on how to bring a little luxury to your home environment.
  • No-Shave November, No Problem!

    It’s that time of year again. It’s getting colder and the beards are getting bolder! See what I did there!? Whether you’re sporting a big beard, a short beard, or even just shaving less often temporarily, beard care is vitally important to keep facial hair and skin healthy and happy. Don’t grow a beard? I bet you know someone who does, so keep reading!
  • How to Maintain Healthy Hair

    There’s so many different things you're told about proper hair care. How often do you need to wash your hair? And how much conditioner? And how often should you really go into the salon for a color touch up? And how bad is it really to curl, blow dry, and straighten your hair? And do you even really need hair sprays? Gel? Oils?
  • Scent, Memory, and You

    Scents and memories are inextricably linked. I’d venture to say every one of us has experienced a scent that has sent us back to a memory, good, bad, or indifferent, whether we even realized it or not. Our brains are biologically designed to work this way and they are always connecting with scents in our environment to protect and inform us. Scent invokes a visceral response and is a pillar in the way we both experience life and the way we remember those experiences. There are so many ways to enjoy fragrance and I would be doing you a disservice not to share about the many ways fragrance can benefit you and those you love in a variety of delightful ways. Let’s dive in!
  • Why Having a Signature Scent is a Must and How to Pick One

    It’s no secret that fragrance has the power to make or break someone’s presence. It can stop a person in their tracks or repel even the most tolerant person. Scientifically, our bodies and brains are designed to react to scents. Scents evoke a visceral reaction in most of us so it’s only reasonable that we take our relationship with fragrance very seriously. Here you'll learn why you need a signature scent and how to pick the right one for you.