How to Create Your Mindful Space

The New Year is the perfect time to go out with the old and bring in the new. That means an enhanced mindset that will create the best space mentally and physically for yourself. Finding ways to calm your mind takes time, patience, and work. It is truly something only you can do. 

Having a space that allows your mind to feel at peace and free can be the first step in this process. We’ve created a list of our favorite tips to help with this! 

When it comes to a clear, uncluttered mind, having an uncluttered space is the first step. Create a zen zone in your home, which could be your bedroom, office, living room, or wherever you feel most comfortable.  

Sit back in that space and read about ways to enhance your zen zone and, in turn, your mind with Anuket’s Mindfulness Blog.

For your mind

Fragrance has a deep connection to mental healing and overall well-being. There have been studies surrounding the benefits of certain fragrances and why our bodies and minds react the way they do. 

Humans’ olfactory sense is linked directly to the emotion center of our brains. This is why we associate many fragrances with specific experiences. Fragrances send signals to our limbic system, which controls our memory and emotions, which is why certain fragrances have the ability to lower stress levels and improve our overall mental outlook. 

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Aromatherapy is an amazing way to heal your emotions and outlook. Finding a fragrance to use in your space that will elicit feelings of relaxation and peace when smelled is a vital first step to perfecting your space. Anuket’s pure diffusing essential oils are cruelty free, organic, and naturally sourced, the perfect base for finding that cleansing fragrance. 

Rose diffusing oil is known to aid in stress relief and ease anxiety by lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and reducing cortisol levels. This is one of many fragrances that can help to release dopamine and improve your mental state. 

Anuket's Pure Egyptian Rose Diffusing Oil
Diffusing fragrance in a meditative space
Diffusing the fragrance in your space is an amazing way to encourage the olfactory response that will aid in your ability to relax while in solitude. If you have a busy day ahead and aren’t sure you’ll be able to take a break when you need it most, you could always wear the fragrance on you all day long. 

Anuket’s roll on fragrances are one way to carry your relaxing fragrance of choice, while a more stylish way could be on fragrance diffusing jewelry. The porous stones of the jewelry are sure to hold your fragrance for the entirety of the day and remain a gentle reminder of your new and improved ability to ground yourself and seize the day.

Anuket's Fragrance Diffusing Jewlery

For your space 

Having a space that allows you to feel grounded at all times and transforms you back to your happy place is a sure way to encourage a mindful life.   

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Leveling up your space might be the exact thing you need to get out of the mindfulness rut. Many people have been wondering why mindfulness isn’t enough. Even if you reserved your meditation time and found ways to be mindful throughout the day, it doesn’t always mean you have accomplished all of your mindfulness goals

If you feel clear headed with your eyes closed in a meditative practice and open your eyes to a cluttered, drab space, that time that you took to ground yourself might have been better spent elsewhere.

Greenery Inspiration for Meditation Space
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Remember the olfactory response we were talking about before? That fragrance is a perfect way to associate your space with your senses. A linen spray is a great way to bring your meditation space to your bedroom at night, your favorite cuddle blanket on the couch, or wherever you feel you need a fragrance refresh. 

If you’re looking for some new decor to create a foundation for your space, a home diffusing bowl not only would be helpful for fragrance recognition but also for some down to earth decor. 

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Another beautiful option with some selenite crystal cleansing properties is an oyster dish with blessing beads. The beads can be used to set intentions or simply to create the ambiance you want to foster in your cleansed space, while the selenite crystals can hold your favorite fragrance oil. 

A mindful space should truly hold the elements that make you feel safe and ready to open your mind to new possibilities. It is an opportunity to make your mind, body, and soul feel renewed and ready for whatever lies ahead. 

Before Bed     

A good night's sleep can alter one's perspective. Preparing yourself for a deep, peaceful sleep is one way to foster this healthy habit.  

Ensuring that your bed is a comfy, safe place that you look forward to at the end of the day is a wonderful way to set up this routine.

Not only do satin pillowcases help maintain  a cooler temperature throughout the night, they also help to keep your hair soft and can reduce acne. Satin pillowcases have been a game changer for many reasons, another being their sheer beauty!

Anuket's satin pillowcases
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Before climbing into bed with your new luxurious pillowcases, we recommend adding an extra step to your routine that is just for yourself. Skincare routines are a wonderful way to end the day but why only give the extra time and care to your face? 

A body oil is a wonderful way to not only hydrate your body but also to relax stressed muscles before going to bed. A lightweight body oil with a relaxing, sensual fragrance is a quick but nourishing way to give your whole body the attention it deserves. Level up your relaxation by using the same fragrance for your body oil as the diffusing scent you use as a calming reminder to center yourself throughout the day.

Anuket's body oil

For the morning

Setting your intentions for the day will gear your mind in whatever direction you choose. A routine that fosters self care and a positive outlook will help to enforce a clear mind for the full day ahead. 

Whether you shower in the morning or at night a way to set your mind at ease is with the beautiful scent of eucalyptus. Fresh eucalyptus can be hung in your shower to diffuse the lovely natural fragrance with the help of the steam from the water. The smell is calming and the greenery from the leaves creates a sultry, earthy atmosphere to make your daily shower a little more luxurious.  

A good hair day can turn your outlook around. Waking up with bed head frizz can put a damper on the start of the morning. While a satin pillowcase can help prevent this, using a beautifully scented hair oil (or beard oil for our bearded friends), is another way to tame frizz and nourish your hair all day long.

Anuket’s hair oil is also infused with papyrus oil to give a fresh, clean fragrance to your hair if today isn’t your wash day. Be sure to rub the oil around your hands and then lightly brush it through the ends of your hair to maintain your hair's natural weight while taming any bed head. 

Anuket's Hydrating Hair oil
Anuket's Gua Sha

Investing time in your skin care is important, however we rarely understand what goes on beneath the surface. Taking the time to Gua Sha your face in the morning will allow for increased drainage and will help to get rid of any morning puffiness.

Gua Sha’s have been used for centuries in Asian culture and can help to keep your skin looking young and healthy when done consistently. Only 5 minutes of your time in the morning, you will look and feel ready for the day and be prepping your skin for years to come.

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Only you know what truly makes your space mindful. Adding some beautiful greenery with live plants or fake plants (we don’t all have a green thumb), is another wonderful way to bring a grounding feeling to your home. The possibilities are endless. Starting with a grounding fragrance and adding some self care steps to your daily routine is a simple and effective way to begin your mindfulness journey. 

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