Scent, Memory, and You

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"Traversing the world of fragrance takes us on a journey in which we are able to know ourselves and our loved ones on a deeper and more meaningful level."

Take a trip down memory lane with me today. When you think of highly memorable moments from the past gatherings with loved ones, a special first date, anything really, how often do those memories include the memory of a scent that helped define that moment? The smell of a favorite meal around a holiday, or the signature scent of an adult that made an impression on you in childhood. 

Scents and memories are inextricably linked. I’d venture to say every one of us has experienced a scent that has sent us back to a memory, good, bad, or indifferent, whether we even realized it or not. Our brains are biologically designed to work this way and they are always connecting with scents in our environment to protect and inform us. 

The Olfactory system is the gatekeeper of the process of turning smells into messages, memories, and even feelings. It is part of a larger neurological system called the Limbic System. This system intakes, processes, and catalogues information about smells in less than seconds and sends the news to other parts of the brain creating a reaction, emotion, or memory log. While its most basic use is for protection and survival, these are the same systems that bring a smile to your face when you smell a familiar baked good that you usually enjoy with friends or loved ones. It's the reason you get goosebumps when someone walks by wearing the same fragrance as, perhaps, a lover.  

Scent invokes a visceral response and is a pillar in the way we both experience life and the way we remember those experiences. It is said that scent and memory/emotion is so closely linked that humans who experience a permanent loss of smell are prone to depression, difficulty forming and keeping relationships, emotional “blunting,” and other tremendous setbacks. Powerful stuff, am I right?

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Now that we’ve unpacked the importance of scent and memory on a survival level, it's a bit easier to understand how important scent is in the enhancement and enjoyment of our everyday life. There are so many ways to enjoy fragrance and, as the founder of a fine fragrance company, I would be doing you and Anuket a disservice not to share about the many ways fragrance can benefit you and those you love in a variety of delightful ways.  

Special Occasions - One way to enhance special days and special moments is to select a new, specific fragrance to tie the memories of the event to a scent that you can enjoy for years to come. Wedding day? Pick a signature scent for that day that you can save and wear on anniversaries, extra special dates, romantic getaways, and steamy nights in to relive the magic with your partner in a way that takes it to the next level! This works great for milestone birthdays too! Dirty Thirty coming up? Fab Forties? If you’re planning to celebrate with friends and loved ones, the scent you wear will take you back to the fondness of good times when you throw it on again for brunch with the gang.  

Gifting - Fragrance is a great gift if you’re looking to create a moment to remember. Now more than ever, people are leaning into the value of experiences. What could be better than gifting an experience in consumable form. You’ll be sending them on a journey through scent and inviting them to explore themselves and their tastes through fragrance as they finish their gifted bottle and move on to the next. Scent can be very personal, but it can also be done well as a gift if you know them well enough or choose a universally appealing scent such as our papyrus oil. In my opinion, this is such a special way to strengthen a bond as the wearer will think of the gifter each time they use the fragrance.  

Enhancing your habitat - If you’re anything like me, your home and personal space is sacred. My home is a sanctuary. It is where I decompress, relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with myself and those I hold closest in life. Scent plays a tremendous part in preparing the environment in which I prioritize my well being and practice self care. I choose scents that excite my senses when I need to stir up my energy and creativity. The rooms in which I rest are an oasis enhanced by calming scents designed to help me escape and unplug. Scenting your home in a way that supports positive emotions is a way to take some stress off of your nervous system and cultivate a welcoming environment that you look forward to coming home to. My favorite way to accomplish this is by diffusing oils throughout my home. Never underestimate the power of the memories of whatever you consider “home” to be. Scent helps you carry those memories with you.

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I truly believe that exploring scent with the understanding of its intense link to memory and emotion elevates our awareness and our ability to cultivate our environment and enhance our memorable moments with an even greater impact. Traversing the world of fragrance takes us on a journey in which we are able to know ourselves and our loved ones on a deeper and more meaningful level.  

Our biological, visceral reaction to scent is a necessary and wonderful gift that we need for survival, sure. But since we have it, why not take it out to play every once in a while to benefit from its positive capabilities. I, for one, am so grateful for the ability to cultivate a deeper connection, through scent, to those I love most, our special memories, and my personal environment. Now that you’ve been further enlightened, are you ready to embark on the next level of your fragrance journey? Start here to find a new scent for you and your loved ones! 

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