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I know we all loooooove to talk about skin care, it’s one of my own personal favorite topics. But do we all put the same energy into our hair care? Taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of any other part of your body. I struggled for the longest time with finding the right products to keep my hair smooth, silky, and bright. But I have finally found the routine and products that work for me. 

There’s so many different things you're told about proper hair care. How often do you need to wash your hair? And how much conditioner? And how often should you really go into the salon for a color touch up? And how bad is it really to curl, blow dry, and straighten your hair? And do you even really need hair sprays? Gel? Oils? The list of questions is endless! It can be daunting to really think about all the different options we are given for hair care. This is especially true because we all have different cuts, textures, and colors of hair so what works for me might not exactly be what is right for you. Just like a skincare routine, your hair care routine is unique to you. I am going to walk you through what has made my hair thrive and be the healthiest it has been in years, but remember these aren’t steps that would work for everyone. You have to work with your stylist to find what best will suit you. 

First, let’s talk about washing our hair. One of the biggest keys I have found to washing my hair is using warm water and not hot water when I do wash it. Hot water dries my hair out so much faster and makes my color fade faster too. Using warm water gives my hair the nourishment it needs and I also don’t have to take freezing cold showers, which let’s be real that’s a major relief. I wash my hair with Amika purple shampoo and whatever conditioner I am using at that time, every three days. I find that when I get to that fourth day my hair just is really hard to work with. Dry shampoo doesn’t even do the trick anymore and I LOVE dry shampoo.  

Now let’s discuss salon visits. I go in fairly often to see my stylist, but I only color my hair once or twice a year, and just get an ombre balayage to keep my blonde bright. I cut my hair about five times a year just to get rid of any split ends and to reduce breakage. Also keep in mind that my hair is naturally what I call “Florida-girl beachy” because it has a slight wave to it, so I often don’t blow-dry it, which helps a ton with split ends and breakage. I usually just let it dry naturally after putting some primer & detangler in it by SheaMoisture so that it doesn’t frizz. Rarely I’ll blow dry it and then use a curling wand to give it more defined curls.  

And obviously I have saved my favorite step to taking care of my hair for last and that is using a hydrating hair fragrance. My personal favorite is the Anuket x Coquet Modern's Papyrus-infused Hair Oil. This hair oil does wonders for my hair, it hydrates, softens, and nourishes my hair. It is the perfect finishing touch and it smells amazing! The product is made with Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, and Cyperus Papyrus Oil. I typically use about 5-6 drops of hair oil and gently rub my hands together, then run my hands through the ends of my hair to hydrate my locks and create a ravishing scent that lingers.

Anuket x Coquet Modern's Papyrus-infused Hair Oil has finally launched! I highly recommend giving it a try, you’ll be surprised at how big of a difference this product makes to the way your hair looks, feels, and smells.  Our new hydrating hair fragrance product, Anuket x Coquet Modern Papyrus-infused Hair Oil is made in collaboration with the Coquet Modern hair care line from Carmen Beaudry with Maison Beaudry Salon. Leave us a comment below if this helped you or if you have any more questions. And as always, make sure you’re hanging out with us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for new and exciting content. Don’t forget to subscribe here for emails so that you get all of our first to know updates on sales, launches, events, and more! 



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