What’s in my Beauty Bag?

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I’d like to start this by being absolutely clear... no one, not a single person has asked me for my skincare or beauty routine, haha. However, it’s a passion of mine and I think I have some pretty fabulous recommendations so you’re gonna get the tea whether you asked for it or not! 

I am not a brand or price point loyalist. I like to mix and match both my skincare and my makeup products across all categories. However, I do try to always choose products that are cruelty-free, minimal on the packaging, and overall just a nice quality with great performance. What can I say? I have high expectations and, as my mom has told me all my life, have champagne taste on a beer budget. So I like getting a lot of bang for my buck. 

Today I’m going to share both skincare and makeup recommendations because I believe that a beautiful makeup application is made more possible with a healthy skin canvas. Plus, unless you’re a huge makeup fanatic, sometimes you just want to go makeup free. Good skincare makes it easy to do that with a confidence that we all deserve.

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My skincare must haves: 

DAILY SUNSCREEN!!!! I cannot stress this enough. This is the best, most inexpensive anti-aging and protective step that you can do. My favorite sunscreen is Rodan + Fields’ Redefine Triple Defense Lotion with SPF 30.

Drunk Elephant’s TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum - This serum fights fine lines, texture, and large pores using AHAs and BHAs to chemically resurface the skin. This isn’t a nightly product. Start out using this about every other night and work your way up as necessary. 

Rodan + Fields’ Active Hydration Serum - This is my favorite hydrator it boosts your skin’s hydration by 200% and locks it in for all day hydration.

I love to finish my routine every evening with a drop of lotus oil and a jade roller.

Botox - In my opinion, you can buy the best eye cream on the market but if the muscles are moving, then so is the skin and even healthy skin changes over time. Nothing compares to an understated and perfectly placed round of Botox and I will forever recommend it!

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My Makeup Must Haves: 

Thanks to my skincare routine, I don’t actually wear much foundation. If I do, I love a good serum foundation or bb cream to give really dewy, hydrated, and natural coverage. My standard routine just includes an under eye concealer by Tarte, and a light powder. Smashbox’s Hydrating Halo Powder is amazing. It has gold in it which combats redness, fights aging, and gives a “lit from within” glow to the skin that doesn’t look powdery at all.  

As I mentioned earlier, I love mixing products. I tend to spend on skincare, primers, etc., but with color I like to play with budget brands and ELF does not disappoint. I LOVE their contouring blush & bronzing powder duo compact in “Fiji” because it doesn’t have shimmer like most bronzers so I can use it as a contour. 

Clinique’s Chubby Stick sculpting highlight in “hefty highlight” color - This is an easy, oil free, cream highlighting stick that makes it insanely easy to apply on the go and blend out with my fingers.  

Smashbox’s photo finish primer - This is a dimethicone based primer which means it provides a lovely, velvety slip to the skin. It helps to keep your makeup on longer and helps it apply more smoothly with an airbrushed finish. 

I’m not huge on lip color but I’m very in favor of hydration and moisture so you will never see me without a lip treatment, moisturizer, or balm of some sort. Bonus points if it has SPF in it for daytime wear. 

Last but not least, and non-makeup related, one of my best kept beauty secrets is Lumify. Lumify is an anti-redness, eye-brightening eye drop that helps your eye whites look whiter and brighter. This supports a more youthful, healthy appearance and really effectively adds an extra *sparkle* to your everyday look.

No matter what products you choose, remember the point is to both care for yourself and to pick what makes you feel amazing. When it comes to skincare, it’s important to have a good cleanser, a good exfoliant (I like a combo of physical and chemical exfoliants), treatments, and moisturizers or hydrators. When it comes to beauty, the sky is truly the limit but your absolute basics might include a concealer for blemishes, mascara to define your eyes, or a tried and true brow product to help you frame your face. Do you have a favorite product that we should know about? Let us know in the comments! 

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