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Pure Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance: Our Signature Scent

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Used for thousands of years by the Egyptians as a fragrance for both men and women, this crisp, clean scent will quickly become your favorite. Replace your current cologne or perfume with this essential oil that will linger on the skin all day long.

Roll-on bottle of 100% pure papyrus essence oil
All Anuket fragrances are natural and cruelty-free
No alcohol or other additives

10ml / .34 fl oz


Papyrus oil is the cold-pressed oil obtained from the Cyperus Papyrus plant and worn as a fragrance. Papyrus grew bountifully on the banks of the Nile River in ancient Egypt and was used for numerous things, such as baskets, sandals, reed boats, and most notably as a form of paper writing material. The oil obtained from the plant was used as a perfume, most often for men. However, it was believed that Cleopatra herself also wore a form of papyrus oil as part of her beauty regimen. Because it has a very clean, crisp, fresh scent, today it is considered a unisex fragrance and is admired by both men and women alike.

Customer Reviews

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It smells really good, and it will get you all the girls


Our customers absolutely love all the Anuket scents!

A quick purchase that has turned into my favorite smell

Absolutely love my Papyrus roll on - it smells amazing, lasts for a long time and i get so many compliments.


Papyrus Essential Oil Roll-On Fragrance: Our Signature Scent

Fabulous scent

This oil is amazing. The fragrance lasts for hours and the smell is just divine. Service is prompt, and personal from the owner. Try the signature scent. You won’t be disappointed. If you’re unsure they have a sample of their collection so you can try them all. My fav is the Papyrus Oil!