How to Care for Your Fragrances

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So you’ve invested in a gorgeous fragrance. First, congratulations! Investing in a high quality fragrance is a great form of self care and part of a wonderful first impression. Now, it’s time to help you get the most out of your investment. Caring for your fragrances appropriately will help you keep them true to scent for as long as possible., saving you money and hassle.  

For best results, keep your fragrance in its original box and stored in a cool, dark place until you are ready to use it. Exposure to both oxygen and light can degrade your fragrance so it is best that it remains untouched until it is time to use it.

Once it is time to open your fragrance, be sure to always use it right away, then tightly close the lid. This is especially true for traditional fragrances that contain alcohol. Alcohol is added to make the fragrance dissipate into a sprayable mist, but it also makes it dissipate quickly when exposed to air. The good news is that Anuket's natural roll-on fragrance oils do not contain alcohol, and therefore will not dry out quickly if left open unlike alcohol-based scents.

While your fragrance doesn’t necessarily need to go back into the box, especially if it's one you use daily, it is always best to keep all your fragrances away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. The longer a fragrance is exposed to the elements, the more subject it becomes to change. For this reason, it is important to not store your fragrance next to a steamy shower or a sunlit window.

At Anuket Luxury Apothecary, we use matte black glass rollerball containers for our pure essential oil fragrances. This particular style packaging prevents excess light and air from entering and disrupting the fragrance as much as possible. In general, the darker the bottle the better protected your fragrance is. This is the same with exposure to air. Our rollerball protects the fragrance as much as possible while still allowing the product to be dispensed. Even our products that come in dropper form, for ease of use, are packaged in dark bottles to protect the contents.

There are many different types of fragrances and they all vary in their wear length and shelf stability. Anuket’s fragrance oils are the longest wearing type of fragrance and tend to store the best as well. However, they are still fragrances and should be kept safe and sound so that you get the longest, highest quality results from the product each time you wear it. And if you're wondering how to make it last on the skin too, we've got you covered with some education on that as well!

I hope this short and sweet educational style blog gave you some new information about all your fragrance babies and how to keep them happier for longer, which equals a happier you!

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