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  • Small Woman-Owned Brands We Love

    Supporting small businesses has positive impacts on both the business, and the consumer. Small businesses carry products that are not often found in the stores of larger corporations, making each purchase a unique one. When shopping from small businesses, you can really get to know their brand. It is a more personalized experience when you can see the face and read the story behind your favorite products. This blog contains 5 amazing businesses that are easy to support with their unique products.
  • How to Create Your Mindful Space

    As the New Year rolls in, it is the perfect time to find ways to improve your space and in turn your mindspace. An apothecary is the perfect place to go to find easy tips to improve your space and your mindful techniques. From fragrance, to decor, to self-care, we have fast and easy ways to ground yourself and escape daily stressors.
  • How to Have A Sexy Valentine's Day

    Anuket has come up with your ultimate guide to enjoying a sensual evening with your partner from the comfort of your own home. What makes Valentine’s Day at home sexy is that you have privacy and the space to bond with each other more intimately. Here at Anuket, we are aphrodisiac enthusiasts. We will introduce you to some aphrodisiacs and activities that are perfect for getting in a lovey mood with your special someone this Valentine’s Day.
  • 2022 Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

    We know what it's like... trying to find the perfect gift for the person that has everything. Or trying to bring a hostess gift that isn't the same bottle of wine or candle that you've brought every year. Or maybe you are just tired of supporting the big box stores and would like to find some hidden gems from small businesses. After all, they need our support now more than ever! Anuket loves luxury items at an affordable price. Our goal is to help make holiday shopping this season quick, effortless, and accessible. Not only will you be giving to those you love, you will be giving to the small businesses that value your purchases the most. Anuket’s gift guide offers sustainable, fashionable, palatable, ideas to make this holiday season full of giving all around. Show your appreciation for the ones you love with these unique gifts that are all under $200!
  • 2021 Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

    We know what it's like... trying to find the perfect gift for the person that has everything. Well, you're in luck! We've put together our annual luxury holiday gift guide, but as always there's a twist. See, at Anuket Luxury Apothecary, we love the idea of accessible luxury. We want high quality gifts that our loved ones will cherish, but without making us go broke. So while these gifts FEEL luxurious, they are all from small businesses, companies that practice sustainability, or ones that are doing good, all with options under $200! You'll look like the hero that put in extra thought to find the most unique gifts. And don't worry, we'll keep your secret...
  • Anuket's Guide to Throwing a Luxurious Fall Gathering (On a Budget)

    We at Anuket are very pro-outdoor fall gatherings, especially when done right! And because we love to talk about accessible luxury, we believe that, with a little creativity, it's possible to throw a luxurious outdoor party without overspending. To celebrate the season, here’s some ideas for an intimate, fabulous fall party.
  • Athflow in 2022 - Just a Fad or Here to Stay?

    Athflow is comfortable enough to lounge in at home, yet luxurious enough to wear out on a date. Pinterest Predicts describes Athflow as "flowy trousers, casual jumpsuits, and oversized outfits." Taking all of this into account, I'm sure you've guessed that this trend definitely stemmed from our collective time in-home and the multitude of video calls that came with it. Now that the world is slowly opening back up, individuals like you and I are looking for a way to incorporate our current wardrobe into today's fashion.
  • Tips for a Luxury Halloween Gathering

    Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween with our luxury guide to a spirited gathering. Finally, it’s that time of year again when we can start decorating for the holidays! I absolutely love dressing my home up in an eerie manner and I have a ton of tips and tricks including decor, recipes, and costumes to really shock your friends and family this season.
  • How to Create a Luxurious Bedtime Routine

    Bedtime routines are usually loved or hated. I rarely come across someone who is ambivalent about them. However, when I come across someone who hates them it’s usually for a few reasons. It was forced on them as a child, they can’t seem to stick to it, or they don’t understand the need for one. Whether you love or hate them right now, I still want to share a few tips that will enhance your experience and maybe, just maybe, even change your mind.
  • Ashlee's Favorite Things

    Let’s be honest, I love to spoil myself and I am not ashamed to admit it. While the things I love are on my mind, I was inspired to organize them into a guide that I could share with YOU! If you were looking for a sign, this is it. Treat yourself, my friend! Or, treat a loved one. These items make my life easier, more fun, more efficient, more luxurious, and more. I’ve listed my daily faves, my must haves, and my soon to snag items. We should all have a little wish list to keep us inspired!
  • The Spring Update Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

    It’s that time of year, my favorite time of year! Spring has sprung and I always feel so excited and hopeful this time of year. It feels like my corner of the world is waking up after a long winter and fresh starts feel easier. Everything feels possible and magical and there is a sense of renewed energy floating around. Can you relate? Maybe I’m partial to Spring because I was born this time of year, but I really think there’s something special about this season. Keep reading for my best tips on updating your home, wardrobe, organization habits, and more.
  • Women-Owned Brands We Love

    Women’s History Month is not over and I am still LOVING this topic. I meant what I said about taking every possible opportunity to uplift, empower, and promote all women. Today I’m going to share a few of my favorite woman owned businesses with you. There are so many to choose from so I started with just a few favorites but we’ll continue providing many more recommendations in the future. One thing about me is that I love to share my favorites… so, I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight some modern day women-in-business powerhouses that I admire, support, and aspire to be like!