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"The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive." - Coco Chanel

I don’t know if you’re a birthday person but I hope you are because I think everyone should be! There is never a bad time to celebrate yourself but there is no more perfect time than a birthday! I like to set the tone of my year, think about what makes me happy, set intentions for what I want out of the next year, and reflect with gratitude on the lessons that the years I’ve lived have taught me. 

But let’s be honest, I also love to spoil myself and I am not ashamed to admit it. While the things I love are on my mind, I was inspired to organize them into a guide that I could share with YOU! If you were looking for a sign, this is it. Treat yourself, my friend! Or, treat a loved one. These items make my life easier, more fun, more efficient, more luxurious. I’ve listed my daily faves, my must haves, and my soon to snag items (we should all have a little wish list to keep us inspired!)  And while I agree with Coco Chanel that the best things in life are free, but the second best are very expensive, there are also plenty of items on this list that I would call accessible luxury!


10 Things i use daily

Link to Website for Lumify Eye Drops

1. Lumify

Lumify is an anti-redness, eye-brightening eye drop that helps your eye whites look whiter and brighter. This supports a more youthful, healthy appearance and really effectively adds an extra *sparkle* to your everyday look. I’m obsessed and it’s my secret little beauty hack that’s not so secret anymore.

2. Elf Blush/Contour palette

I love this contouring blush & bronzing powder duo compact in “Fiji.” I’m not great at this whole contour trend, but this duo makes it easy. Because it doesn’t have shimmer like most bronzers, I can use the darker color as a contour, and the blush to brighten up my cheeks.

Link to Shop Elf Cosmetics Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder
Link to Shop Dove Dry Shampoo

3. Dove Dry Shampoo

This shampoo is light, it smells great, it doesn’t feel residue-y, and it gives a great boost of extra volume. Anyone who has seen me get ready for anything has seen me spritz this (or drench this) in my hair. It’s a must-have.

4. Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance

Obviously my go to signature scent, the original product at my company, Anuket Luxury Apothecary, and quite frankly, the reason we are all here on this very blog. But truly, I don’t go a day without it.

Link to Shop Anuket Luxury Apothecary Signature Pure Papyrus Roll-on Fragrance
Link to Sweetleaf Sweet Drops

5. Sweetleaf Sweet Drops

These are convenient, affordable, and a great natural no-calorie alternative to sugar. They come plain or flavored (coconut is my favorite!) and go well in any beverage. You can also add them to smoothies, oatmeal, or anything else you need to add a little sweetness or flavor.

My favorite: ¾ cup of ice, ¾ cup of yesterday’s coffee that has been refrigerated overnight, ¼ cup of unsweetened almond milk, and a squirt of coconut Sweet Drops. It’s the perfect morning iced coffee.

6. U Brands Felt Tip Pens

I’ve shared these before for a reason. The glide, the comfort, the ease. I just love a good pen because it can make your writing even more beautiful. I use, and gift, these constantly.

Link to Shop 3 Pack of U Brands Felt Tip Pens
Link to Veraria Homepage

7. Veraria Notebook

These luxury notebooks are chic and beautiful while also being mindful of our planet. They are handmade in South Carolina and include brilliant details like page numbers and a table of contents for you to fill in. Eco chic companies are becoming more and more popular and Veraria does it VERY well.

8. Robes

I LOVE a good robe and, if I’m being honest, I think I own six of them. A warm and cozy old school satin floor-length Victoria’s Secret robe with a soft cotton lining, a gorgeous black lace robe for hotter days, a super-soft terry cloth robe that was gifted to me, a couple of silk robes that are light as air on the skin, and this gorgeous Maison Du Soir robe that I got in one of my Beachly subscription boxes, which is perfect for after a hot shower or layered over some white denim as a kimono.

Link to Beachly Referral Discount
Link to Ritual Vitamins Referral Savings

9. Ritual Vitamins

I was introduced to these a few years ago by a friend, and I'm still taking them daily. It's a smaller company that uses well-sourced ingredients, focuses on just the necessary vitamins and minerals, and leaves out all the fluff.

10. R+F Lip Serum

An old faithful, this silky serum by Rodan + Fields is full of hydrating ingredients and antioxidants to plump and hydrate while also combating the effects of aging. I use it every night to wake up with a gorgeous pout, ready to take on the day!

Link to Shop Rodan + Fields Redefine Lip Renewing Serum

10 Things i love

Link to Rent The Runway Website

1. Rent the Runway membership

I know, I know… I talk about it all the time, but it’s because I use it ALL THE TIME! Sustainability is important to me but I’m a fashion lover who didn’t want to sacrifice style to honor my principles. Rent the Runway gives my wardrobe the high end and fashion forward versatility that I desire without killing my wallet or creating more waste in outfits that I’d only wear once or twice. I rent pieces for my needs, send them back in great condition and they go on to live a very fulfilling life beyond our time together. Use the attached link for some savings if you decide to give it a try!


This bag is meant for workouts, but I use it as a work bag. The zipper closure and multiple compartments make it an excellent bag for carrying a laptop, folders and books, water, and even a spare pair of flats for in between meetings!

Link to Sweaty Betty Icon Luxe Kit Bag
Link to Buy Nothing Project About Page

3. Buy Nothing Project

I’m a member of my local group and I use it all the time to give away things we no longer need around the house or to ask for things I am looking for before I go out and spend money on them. You can join on Facebook or their new app, and it’s a great way to practice sustainability and create a connection with neighbors. 

4. Plants!

Is it my backyard? Or is it a bohemian wonderland? Give me all the green, nature, zen vibes, please! I love plants so much. They add life, they purify the air, and they make me feel connected to the earth and, in turn, myself.

My personal favorite? Cuban oregano because it grows so easily, smells amazing, can be used in recipes and cocktails, and can even be cut and kept alive in a vase for months. If you lack a green thumb like me, it’s a great plant to start with.

Link to 34 Best Bubbly Cocktails Made with Champagne and Sparkling Wine
Link to Shop Love St. Pete

5. Love St. Pete

We all know I love small businesses, so when a local small business’ mission is to support other local small businesses… they have my heart! Love St Pete is an awesome company that takes all the best parts of my favorite little town, the beach, the weather, the community, etc and helps shine a light on the local venues, vendors, and products that make it so unique.

6. Beachly Box

As a Florida girl who loves to travel, I spend LOADS of time at the beach and these Beachly boxes are one of my favorite sources all things beachy! They're delivered 4 times a year and are filled with tons of cute clothes, accessories, and beach essentials. And as if that wasn't enough of a reason to love them, a portion of each box that's purchased is donated to help clean up beaches in collaboration with Heal the Bay. 

Link to Beachly Website
Link to Shop Project 62 Products

7. Target Office supplies

Affordable, cute, and a wide variety! What more could you really ask for? I especially love, and have linked, their Project 62 collection. My absolute favorite pieces of their collection are the super chic black and gold office supplies and organizers. And those U Brand pens I mentioned earlier can usually be found at good ol’ Tar-jay too!

8. Sand Cloud Towels

This eco-friendly company makes the most lightweight absorbent beach towels ever! They’re sand resistant, gorgeous, and the company even donates a portion of proceeds to marine conservation efforts. To top it off, the towel folds into itself to make a handy backpack that you can carry with you to the beach, river, lake, or pool.

Link to Sand Cloud Website
Anuket founder Ashlee Dozier in New Zealand holding a glass of wine

9. Pashmina for travel

Pashminas (or a shawl, some types of scarfs, etc.) are incredibly versatile which makes them very easy for travel. Caught in the rain and need a hood? Pashmina. Blanket on the airplane? Pashmina. Needing to cover up for warmth or modesty in a new destination? Pashmina. They come in every color and pattern imaginable and I always have one on hand. My best suggestion is to visit a local boutique in your area to see what they have to offer!

10. Bottle of Bubbly

Not a celebration goes by where I don’t have a bottle of bubbles to share. Some of my favorites across all price points: Veuve Clicquot’s Brut, Mumm Napa’s Brut Rose, and M. Chavellier’s Brut Cava from Trader Joe's. Check out this piece I did on my favorite bubbly cocktails for some delicious inspiration!  

Link to Anuket Luxury Apothecary's Best of Bubbly Blog Post

10 things on my wish list

Link to Away Homepage

1. Away Luggage

High quality luggage at a price point far more affordable than other luxury luggage. They regularly partner with organizations that better the world we live in, and they make absolutely beautiful and durable products that last forever. I’m such an avid traveler, that I believe investing in great luggage is worth the cost. I’m dying for their Bigger Carry-On and Large Suitcase in the beautiful coast or blush colors.

2. ivy screens

I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I adore the look of an ivy covered fence. If you have some of these that you love, feel free to send me the details! I’m dying to add more to our backyard to make it feel like a secret garden.

Streetside eco chic boutique in Tulum Mexico
Link to Travel Pirates Homepage

3. travel

Travel will forever be on my wishlist. I’ve visited 20 countries around the world and over 25 states in the US, but there is still so much more to see. I constantly keep my eyes open for good deals on flights, hotels, travel packages, and more via websites like and I believe the gift of travel is the best gift you can give! 

4. fancy desk chair

Confession time. I’ve been using an inexpensive, and not so comfortable, desk chair from Ikea for the past couple years. I’m way overdue for an upgrade! I spend a lot of time in my office working on Anuket, so I deserve something comfy and lux!

Link to Shop Adjustable Swivel Office Chair
Image of Gold Ripple Glass Carafe and Cup Set

5. Bedside carafe and glass

I always keep a glass of water by my bed, but I think a carafe and glass set looks so chic. If you have a guest room, this is the best way to make sure your guests have the water they may need during their stay.

6. Cute teapot

I love a hot glass of tea on a cool night and this cute teapot is a cheerful way to make yourself a fresh cup. I’m a tried and true Kate Spade lover and she has the most adorable teapots ever! 

Link to Shop Kate Spade Teapot
Link to Shop Anuket Luxury Apothecary Obelisk Necklace- Fragrance Diffusing Demi-Fine Jewelry

7. Demi-Fine Jewelry

I’m loving this new trend from numerous designers of demi-fine jewelry collections. In fact, I love it so much that I co-created my own capsule with designer, James & Jezebelle. These demi-fine lines are perfect for all consumers because they’re super affordable but still high quality. They’re gold filled which means they’re actually more durable than pure gold pieces as they stand up to water and are tarnish-resistant. They’re also more sustainable and don’t contribute to the damaging cycle of fast fashion

8. spa day

Find a locally owned spa and treat yourself! Amy’s Day Spa in Tampa and the Woodhouse Day Spa in St Pete are two of my personal favorites. As far as favorite treatments, I love a good body scrub with sugars or salts and conditioning oils that melt into your body while they slough off dead skin.

Link to Amy's Day Spa Homepage
Link to Shop Eagle Creek's Ultralight Compression Packing Cubes

9. New Packing Cubes

I’ve been using packing cubes in my suitcases for YEARS, but that also means that mine are super worn out. Most experienced travelers swear by them because they help you stay organized during travels, save space (some are even compressive), and they can help save time while packing, traveling, and unpacking. Eagle Creek’s ultralight compression packing cubes are said to be some of the best out there.

10. Experiences

This obviously goes along with travel, but I've learned over the years that experiences are worth more than things. Memories last longer than objects and sitting alone in a big house full of nice things isn't nearly as much fun as experiencing something or somewhere amazing with people you care about. For that reason, I often include experiences on my wish-lists. Things like visiting theme parks, museums, or zoos. Going to festivals, concerts, or shows. Visiting new places and trying new foods. And because I can be a bit of a thrill seeker, sky-diving, spelunking, and white-water rafting have all been checked off my bucket list. But that bucket list is incredibly long and I still have plenty of things left to do. So "something new" will forever be on my wish list!

Link to Blog Post on How Scent is Linked to Our Memory
Link to Blog Post on The Wanderluster's Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Ashlee in front of the Ven a la Luz sculpture at AHUA hotel

Be sure to let me know in the comments if you use and love any of the things on my lists OR if you have something to recommend that we need to know about. Thanks for reading and be sure to share this with a friend who loves to treat themselves!

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