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Pure Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance: Our Signature Scent
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Pure Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance: Our Signature Scent

Pure Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance: Our Signature Scent

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Used for thousands of years by the Egyptians as a fragrance for both men and women, this crisp, clean scent will quickly become your favorite. Replace your current cologne or perfume with this essential oil that will linger on the skin all day long.

Roll-on bottle of 100% pure papyrus essence oil
All Anuket fragrances are natural and cruelty-free
No alcohol or other additives

For more information, visit our Pure Papyrus Roll-On Fragrance Product Guide here.

10ml / .34 fl oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

One word: WONDERFUL!

Aki S.
Beautiful Original Natural Scent

I was using the same two perfumes for over 10 years and saw Anuketluxury in a presentation and I bought a sampler on a spot. It was like fate for me to try something new....finally. I am so glad. I love the roll-on, which is super practical. The smell is lasting and very original. The packaging was beautiful - black with gold, very classy with a special note from the owner. This is my second purchase after I bought the sampler to see which smell I would like best. I went with the papyrus but all were pretty nice.

Ellie Mascaro
Not my usual aroma but I love it

It has a rich masculinesk aroma, I enjoy it for a more formal engagement.

Denise Derepentigny
Papyrus Roll On

Love this scent and I love that it’s all natural no chemicals . Thank you thank you 😊

Kyle Holloman

A very nice clean scent. Enjoying it!