The Wanderluster's Guide to Tulum, Mexico

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” - Helen Keller

In the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, you will find a town called Tulum. A very popular getaway, it is easily accessible from the Cancun Airport and can be done very affordably or very extravagantly, whichever you prefer! 

Recently we were able to spend almost a week in Tulum and, after a year of staying in place, I have never been more grateful to get on a plane. We took all the proper precautions as required by local and international policy and arrived in Tulum, and back home in the states, healthy and safe! If you’re reading this in the future leave a comment below and let us know what travel looks like now, the world feels so different still and I can’t help but wonder what our “new normal” will evolve into. 

I enjoyed Tulum so much and I knew I wanted to share my experiences with you so I decided to do it in the form of a travel blog that you can use in case you decide to see for yourself. I’ve got you covered on everything from where to stay, where to eat, what sights to see, and even where to shop and where to be pampered. Be sure to read until the end to catch all my extra tips and tricks! Let’s do this...

Where to Stay

Anuket founder Ashlee Dozier standing on the balcony of her beachfront hotel room at Piedra Escondida in Tulum Mexico

Piedra Escondida

This was the first place we stayed when we arrived in Tulum. It’s a cute little boutique hotel with only 9 rooms and a private cove beach for guests. It’s budget friendly but in no way felt “cheap.” The staff was fabulous! They offered free breakfast for the guests and there was also an incredible restaurant named Molcajete that I cover below in the “where to eat” section. The restaurant is open to the public, not just hotel guests.

Every room has an ocean view that walks out to the beach but I recommend booking an upstairs king-size room to enjoy their vaulted ceilings and canopy beds.

Favorite details - Budget friendly, not crowded, walk out ocean view.

King size room with canopy bed and vaulted cieling at Piedra Escondida hotel in Tulum Mexico
Anuket founder Ashlee Dozier in Sfer Ik museum at Azulik hotel in Tulum Mexico wearing a Free People caftan and straw hat


This was the second place we stayed on this trip and it was definitely an elevated, luxury experience. The resort is breathtaking, like, straight off of Pinterest gorgeous. Their design is very “eco chic.” I felt like I was vacationing in the literal jungle but without the fear of creatures snacking on me in my sleep. 

Groups are assigned a concierge, called an “angel,” that is available to show you around the resort and also responsible for bringing you to the apothecary upon arrival for a “spiritual cleansing.”

After the cleansing, you’re invited to the angels’ lounge where you can ask your “angel” any questions while relaxing and snacking on a beautiful fruit plate. Truly a welcoming experience.

The Apothecary for spiritual cleansing at Azulik Resort in Tulum Mexico
Anuket founder Ashlee Dozier at Azulik resort in Tulum Mexico wearing a lemon-print dress

The hotel itself was designed by a famous architect and they do an excellent job at keeping the hotel very exclusive and upscale. You aren’t even permitted to be in the lobby without either a room or a restaurant invitation.

Nighttime around the resort is very romantic and a bit old fashioned as there are no electric lights, just hundreds and hundreds of candles, even in the rooms.

Every room has a beautiful mosaic bathtub only, no showers, with locally drawn fresh water from the cenotes. Our room also had a gorgeous, huge round bed with a canopy and a private lanai with a hot tub and a partial ocean view.

Anuket Luxury Apothecary founder Ashlee wearing a white swimsuit in the mosaic bathtub of her Mayan Villa at Azulik hotel in Tulum Mexico
Treetop nest table in Kin-Toh restaurant atop the Azulik hotel in Tulum Mexico

If you’re a sunset lover like me, be sure to do their “Sunset Experience.” You’ll be able to watch the sunset from a beautiful rooftop nest in the treetops. Breakfast is free for guests and there are several restaurants there open to both the guests and for public reservations. Cenote was not open while we stayed there but we ate at both Kin Toh and Tseen Ja during our visit and I’ll share all of those delicious details with you below!

Favorite details: Instagram worthy everything. It’s all just absolutely gorgeous and the whole place is a photo op gold mine. The exclusive feel felt very VIP. 


We didn’t have time to stay here on this visit, but it came so highly recommended that I couldn’t leave it out. This hotel is inside of a mansion that once belonged to Pablo Escobar and it is absolutely on my list of places to stay on my next trip to Tulum.

Casa Malca door and wedding dress curtains

Where to EAT

Fire performer during show at Bak restaurant in Tulum Mexico


This restaurant was a really fun experience. You’re greeted at the door with sparklers and shots and every Wednesday through Sunday there is a fire show at 10pm. You’ll need reservations and this restaurant has a higher price point but it is definitely worth the splurge.

Order the grilled octopus, just trust me. It is literally the top 1% best octopus in the entire world. If you like mezcal, and you like a little kick in your cocktail, order the Hot Apricot. It’s a little spicy and so delicious!

Best octopus with arugula and potatoes from Bak restaurant in Tulum Mexico
Beach view of palapas and cliffs from Molcajete restaurant inside Piedra Escondida in Tulum Mexico


Located inside of Piedra Escondida, this restaurant is super convenient if you’re a guest of the hotel but hotel reservations aren’t required to dine here; it’s open to the public. You’ll enjoy a gorgeous view with your meal as it’s situated right on the beach.

If you’re having breakfast do yourself a favor and order a fresh squeezed juice. My favorites were the pineapple juice and the cantaloupe juice. At breakfast we loved the huevos a la Veracruzana, chilaquiles, and the huevos motuleños. If you’re dining later in the day I highly suggest the open faced tuna tacos. They were amazing.

Chilaquiles verde at beachside restaurant Molcajete in Piedra Escondida in Tulum Mexico
Chicken sopes, tacos, and tortes from Antojitos la Chiapaneca in downtown Tulum Mexico


Grab a cab or the public bus into downtown Tulum for these super cheap but delicious eats. They have 50 cent tacos and a wide variety of other traditional foods like sopes, tostadas, tortes, salbutes, and more. There are a variety of meats available. I got chicken and it was really nicely prepared but my dinner mates swore by al pastor. And with beers only a couple bucks each, this is the best budget dinner you’ll have in Tulum.


Supposedly the home of the “best fish tacos in the world,” I’d have to say that they are definitely extremely close to the top of my list now as far as fish tacos go. I’d venture to say they also make one of the best Mezcal spicy margaritas that I’ve ever had too! If you’ve forgotten to make meal reservations this is a great option as they don’t require them at this time. In addition to the fish tacos, I recommend trying the shrimp tacos and starting your meal with guacamole. It was fantastic. Be sure to get there early and catch the sunset while having a drink on the rooftop bar, then make your way down for some dinner. 

Mezcal margarita in a crystal glass in front of a candle and flowers
Anuket Luxury Apothecary founder Ashlee at El Pez Restaurant eating esquites and quesadillas with cocktails


Lunch on the beach? This spot has you covered. The views are amazing and the inside lobby was stunning! Their cocktails were fantastic and they serve a really delicious fruit infused water as well.

To eat I highly recommend ordering esquites, a classic dish, and their quesadillas, either shrimp or pulpo. Their guacamole and 2-for-1 lunch cocktails were pretty great as well.
Shrimp quesadillas with quacamole and salsa from El Pez restaurant in Tulum Mexico
Women holding bottle of Tulum lager beer in front of mosaic tile wall

Sin Yolanda Maricarmen

Another fabulous spot that doesn’t require reservations! Easily recognizable with a very large luchador statue out front, you won’t be able to miss it. Be sure to give their shrimp tacos a try and order a Tulum Lager. It’s a local brew that dedicates a portion of its proceeds to protecting the waters of the Yucatan Peninsula.


This restaurant is an incredible Asian-fusion spot in the Azulik resort. If you’re a sushi fan, it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s a pricey dinner, but the sushi melts in your mouth. Dinner service begins at 6pm and reservations are highly encouraged. They are easier to get as a guest, but if you aren’t a guest, make reservations days or weeks in advance!

Inside of Tseen Ja Asian restaurant in Azulik hotel in Tulum Mexico
Deer loin searing on hot stone at Tseen Ja in Azulik

Everything we ate was so incredible but the truffle edamame was truly the best I’ve ever had. Their vegetable tempura was delightful and had a really diverse mix of veggies. Tuna fans are in luck as they had so many kinds of tuna nigiri and sashimi available. If you are looking for something not from the sea, order the venison. You’ll receive local deer loin delivered to the table with a hot rock so that you can sear it to your liking yourself! 


Probably one of the most unique restaurants you’ll ever visit. Nestled in the treetops in the Azulik resort, it has a stunning spiral staircase entrance and a huge net that you can lounge on that looks down into the lobby. 

Anuket founder Ashlee Dozier sitting overlooking Kin-Toh restaurant in Azulik hotel in Tulum
Breakfast egg white enchiladas and fresh juice at Kin-Toh treetop restaurant in Azulik

We ate here for breakfast, as it’s included for guests at the resort. Their dinner menu is also incredible though and worth the splurge if you want to do something truly “eco-chic Tulum.”

Where to SHOP

Anuket owner Ashlee Dozier wearing Free People caftan and walking across stepping stones in water in Zak Ik clothing boutique inside Azulik resort in Tulum


This fashion boutique is located within Azulik and carries absolutely beautiful pieces. Even the store itself is stunning. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy the multiple boutiques, so it’s worth going in to take a look at their unique offerings.

Street shops in the Hotel Zone

All along the road on the beach are tons of small shops. Look for the ones that are selling unique items, because those items are worth the higher price points. Avoid buying the typical souvenir items that you see in all the shops at these shops as they tend to be priced higher here. You can get the same things downtown for cheaper.

Streetside eco chic boutique in Tulum Mexico
Anuket Luxury Apothecary owner Ashlee Dozier wearing a straw hat and large sunglasses underneath a ceiling of bohemial decor

However, there is a small market across from the Maria del Mar hotel and they’ve got some of the best prices on the beach. The prices here are definitely negotiable as they tend to try and raise the prices for tourists. With a little haggling I was able to get a really cute hat and purse for under $50 total.

Across the street from the Piedra Escondida hotel is a beautiful little shopping plaza (with an Aldo’s gelato) that has numerous nice shops for swimsuits, sunglasses, etc. 

Shopping center in Tulum Mexico Hotel Zone with swimsuits, sunglasses, and Aldos gelato
Woman shopping in downtown Tulum street market carrying straw purse and wearing silk black pants and crochet top

Downtown Tulum

If you’re looking for better prices on souvenir type items, check out the shops along Avenida Tulum in downtown. You will find much better deals there!

Where to get pampered


If you need a mani or pedi during your stay, pop into this adorable nail salon and boutique that is tucked away near the Maria De Mar hotel. 

Boheme Organic Nail Bar sign hanging over a rack of boutique clothing
Woman wearing boho outfit sitting on a bench eating Aldo's Gelato in Tulum

Aldo’s Gelato

Gelato = Self Love so it definitely counts as pampering. I don’t make the rules. (Okay okay, I tend to make my own rules, ha!) Aldo’s is delicious and offers a ton of flavors, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

Azulik’s Spa & Spiritual Cleansing

If you’re staying at Azulik be sure to say yes to their spiritual cleansing ritual. It’s free for guests and is offered as your Angel concierge shows you around the resort. It’s a great way to de-stress and prepare yourself for a relaxing stay. And their spa, yoga, and sound sessions are all top notch.

Brent Kraus and Ashlee Dozier getting a spiritual cleansing at the apothecary in Azulik in Tulum Mexico

Where to take photos

Anuket Luxury Apothecary owner Ashlee Dozier in a black swimsuit on the rocks in front of the beach with a papyrus leaf icon shadow on her back
I can guarantee that, whether you know it or not, if you’re a fan of travel media you’ve seen photos of Tulum. In the age of social media, travel to Tulum has blossomed due to how “Instagrammable” everything is. There are photo opportunities everywhere and I guarantee you’ll want some, given how beautiful the setting is. 

You don’t have to be a travel vlogger or an IG model to love the vibe. Tulum is the perfect setting to capture quick, gorgeous photos in a lot of places and create beautiful memories of your trip. But, let’s be honest, getting a cool new profile picture out of it doesn’t hurt... am I right? Here are some of my favorite suggestions...

Ashlee Dozier wearing an outfit from LabelSwap Tampa while in Tulum Mexico
Eco chic architecture inside Sfer Ik Museum at Azulik hotel in Tulum Mexico


Located in Azulik, this incredible art and architecture museum is open to the public with a ticket purchase. The museum is free for guests but I would have paid if I needed to, it's worth every penny.

It’s not only peaceful to walk around, but the photos are incredible and you can take as many as you’d like as long as you are respectful of the space and other guests.

Anuket founder Ashlee Dozier in Free People Caftan and straw hat inside eco chic Sfer Ik hotel in Tulum

Your hotel’s beach

If you’re staying at Piedra Escondida, Azulik, or really any hotel directly on the beach, be sure to snap some photos, especially during “golden hour.” The 30 minutes before and after sunset create a stunning backdrop on the cliffs or beach of your own hotel.

Ashlee Dozier standing on cliffs at Piedra Escondida hotel in Tulum Mexico wearing a dress by HAH from Rent the Runway
Ashlee Dozier in front of Azulik hotel in Tulum wearing a black straw hat

Most hotels also have hammocks, cool sculptures, or other perfect little spots to take your photos up a notch. Or you can head out into the water a little and take a picture of your hotel from a unique perspective.

Ruins and Cenotes

If you want some photos with gorgeous natural backdrops, numerous cenotes and the Coba and Tulum ruins are all nearby and provide for beautiful photos.

Anuket owner Ashlee Dozier standing on edge of cliff overlooking sea in Tulum ruins Mexico
Couple swimming underwater in wetsuits and snorkel gear through Casa Cenote near Tulum Mexico

Be sure to bring an underwater camera if you are going to the cenotes, so you can get really incredible pictures.

Ven a la Luz

This towering sculpture of a woman opening her heart, by South African artist Daniel Popper, stands in front of Raw Love at AHUA hotel. I’ve heard there can be long lines in front of the sculpture just to take a photo, but we went by at night and no one was there. 

SAFETY TIP: The sculpture is RIGHT off the road, so be careful trying to snap a photo when cars are coming.

Ashlee Dozier standing in front of Ven A La Luz sculpture in front of Ahua Hotel in Tulum Mexico, wearing a black ruffle slip gown dress by Caroline Constas from Rent the Runway
Couple sitting on drift wood looking towards ocean near Mexi Divers in Tulum Mexico

Across from Mexi-Divers

There is a small strip of public beach there that is pretty secluded. It makes for a great spot to snap a few water-front photos.

Swings and Hammocks

These are sprinkled around everywhere! Keep an eye out at your hotel, at bars as you’re walking down the road, and at beach clubs. Wear a flowy dress or skirt or let your hair down and snap a few photos while the swing is in motion to play with different shapes in your frame.

Ashlee Dozier wearing a dress by HAH from Rent the Runway swinging by the ocean in Tulum

Where to Explore


Instead of driving all the way out to Chichen Itza, Coba has some incredible ruins that are only about 30-45 min away from Tulum.   

Woman walking through Coba ruins wearing a flowy pink skirt and white swimsuit
Ashlee Dozier walking through the Coba ruins in Tulum Mexico

Coba is known for having the largest network of stone roads out of all the Mayan Ruins. There are over 50 known roads in Coba and more than a dozen of them are open to the public.

We hired a private taxi for $100 USD to take us to Coba, wait an hour for us to explore, then bring us home. Make sure to have 80 pesos to get in, as they don’t take foreign money and their credit card machine is often non-functioning.

Couple standing in front of Coba ruins in Tulum Mexico
Ashlee Dozier and Brent Kraus visiting the Tulum Ruins in Mexico

Tulum Ruins

Tulum means “wall” in Maya. It was one of the few enclosed cities of that time and region. Designed with walls on 3 sides and protected by the Caribbean Sea on the 4th side, the city was literally built to be a fortress. The pyramids and structures here are unique to the region and a must see in my opinion. 

Even if you don’t care that much for the ruins themselves, the beachside views near the ruins here are worth the trip themselves. We rented and rode bikes there from our hotel. I highly recommend bringing bottled water and a hat, because it's hot and there isn't much shade in a lot of areas. Only costs a few dollars to get in on your own or you can pay a bit more to be shown around by a tour guide.

Woman wearing a straw hat and outfit from LabelSwap overlooking the Gulf of Mexico at Tulum Ruins
Man riding a bike down a shaded street towards the Tulum Ruins in Mexico

We rented and rode bikes there from our hotel. I highly recommend bringing bottled water and a hat, because it's hot and there isn't much shade in a lot of areas. Only costs a few dollars to get in on your own or you can pay a bit more to be shown around by a tour guide.


Cenotes are underground caverns, usually in limestone, that have collapsed and filled with groundwater and rainwater to create gorgeous underwater caves that attract lots of tourists. I highly recommend getting a snorkel guide to take you to at least a few cenotes. You can also easily access some of the cenotes close to Tulum by bike or moped.

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Couple standing in wetsuits and swimsuits inside Dos Ojos cenotes park in Tulum Mexico while on snorkling tour with Mexi-Divers

We used Mexi-Divers and they were fabulous. The tour was about $85 per person and it included wetsuits, flippers, snorkeling gear, bottled water, transportation to two cenotes, and a tour guide. The tour guide will stay with you, answer questions, and even take photos for you if you have an underwater camera. Our guide, Mariano, was awesome!

Two of the cenotes that I recommend the most are Dos Ojos and Casa Cenote. For Dos Ojos you’ll want a tour guide as there are certain areas, like a cool bat cave, that you can only access with a guide. Again, I recommend Mexi-Divers. There are tons of cool overhead stalactites as you swim through the cave. A really unique experience! 

The stalactites inside the bat cave in Dos Ojos cenote in Tulum Mexico
Ashlee Dozier snorkling and diving in Casa Cenote in Tulum Mexico

Casa Cenote may not be as exciting if you're from somewhere with lots of mangroves (like I am in Florida). For others though, this cenote is notable because it connects to the ocean. The mixing of freshwater and seawater creates a brackish water that attracts tons and tons of fish. Occasionally, there is a crocodile on the banks who has been a known visitor for many years.

Downtown Tulum

Be sure to plan some time to go downtown while staying in Tulum! There are a variety of great restaurants, cool shopping destinations, and just a really fun energy. We stumbled upon a street fair with vendors, street tacos, a fire juggler, and tons of other cool things to see.

Man performing fire juggling show in downtown Tulum Mexico

Where to DRINk

A mezcal margarita cocktail in a glass sitting on a wood table in front of the Carribbean Sea at Azulik hotel in Tulum

Wherever you decide to drink, be sure you try mezcal during your stay. It’s the smoky cousin of tequila, a specialty of the area, and a longtime personal favorite of mine. You will find no shortage of mezcal margaritas, also known as mezcalitas, in Tulum!


For guests of Azulik, this experience is included for one night of your stay and comes with a welcome drink. If you’re not a guest, you’ll need reservations but having drinks and watching the sun go down from the treetops over Tulum is a can’t miss experience.

Anuket owner Ashlee Dozier and Ella Bing owner Brent Kraus at Azulik's sunset experience in a nest in Tulum Mexico
Two friends walking into Encanto Cantina in downtown Tulum Mexico under a large heart sculpture


If you need a sexy little spot to grab a drink while downtown, Encanto is your place. The huge red heart hanging overhead and the gorgeous foliage surrounding the courtyard make it feel beautifully intimate. If you’re planning to try mezcal, this is an excellent place to do so too.

Sunset Bar at Ciel Rose

This is another great spot for sunsets. The front bar has BOGO drinks during happy hour. So grab drinks there first, then walk through the restaurant, and past the jungle cabanas where you’ll find an old military tower that was converted into the rooftop bar! The top floor has the best sunset views, but there’s another bar just below it in case you need a refill.

Woman overlooking a sunset on the rooftop bar at Sky Bar at Ciel Rose in Tulum Mexico

What to wear

Three women wearing boho chic outfits and swimsuits sitting on cliffs at Piedra Escondida hotel in Tulum Mexico

Obviously, you can wear whatever you want but my suggestions are based on the vibes of the resorts, hotels, and spots that I’ve suggested. Again, this is a very “photo op” oriented area and is not really your typical neon colors and Hawaiian shirts type of beach vacation spot.

Think boho-chic with neutral colors, natural fibers, and flowy fabrics. This goes for all genders. Lightweight skirts and dresses, linen pants, and button downs are all appropriate attire. Focus on light colors during the daytime. Keep the warm, humid climate in mind. 

Ashlee Dozier and Brent Kraus couple in Kin-Toh eco chic restaurant in Azulik in Tulum Mexico
Ashlee Dozier sitting in an outdoor library wearing a straw hat and dress by HAH from Rent the Runway under a palapa in Tulum Mexico

Not to beat a dead horse but I PROMISE you’ll want to take a million photos because there are so many beautiful landscapes to appreciate and “Instagrammable” spaces, so be sure to pack pieces of clothing that you’ll want to capture memories in.

I always love to suggest Rent the Runway, because this way you can rent some beautiful tropical or boho pieces that you may not otherwise wear again. 

Ashlee Dozier wearing a tropical print "Come on Home dress" by Katie May from Rent the Runway at eco chic hotel Azulik in Tulum
Anuket founder Ashlee Dozier wearing a leopard print swimsuit under the Lottie Wrap Dress by Reformation from Rent the Runway at Azulik's beach in Tulum Mexico

Another great place to grab stuff before you go are consignment stores in your area. If you’re local to the Greater Tampa Bay area I’m a big fan of Revolve Clothing Exchange in St Pete, and LabelSwap in Tampa.

So many of my outfits for our trip came from those two stores. Not only is it a sustainable source, but cost effective too. The outfit I'm wearing here includes a swimsuit from Revolve, a caftan from LabelSwap, and my gorgeous bag from Sew Much Hope Project.

Ashlee Dozier wearing a swimsuit from Revolve Clothing Exchange, Free People caftan from LabelSwap, and origami purse from Sew Much Hope Project while sitting on rocks in Tulum Mexico

What to pack

Ashlee Dozier swinging on a swing in a HAH dress from Rent the Runway while overlooking the Carribbean Sea in Tulum Mexico


DON’T count on ATM’s or exchange machines in Tulum, often they are broken or will only give you American dollars. Make your currency exchange prior to your trip. There are many places you’ll want to visit or patronize that only accept pesos and you don’t want to miss out or be left without access to your cash. Taxis, small shops, bike rentals, etc. all prefer or require pesos.

Mosquito repellent

Nighttime in Tulum is a mosquito’s world, so if you want to live in it without becoming dinner come prepared for battle! I recommend Anuket’s signature scent, papyrus oil, because it smells WAY better than bug spray and, believe it or not, is a natural mosquito repellent. During our sunset experience at Azulik, another couple in our nest was getting eaten alive by mosquitos. I offered them some of my papyrus oil, and thankful doesn’t even begin to describe their mood! Trust me on this one.

Black glass bottle of Anuket Luxury Apothecary's signature scent papyrus oil on a beige blanket
Ashlee Dozier and Brent Kraus in an underwater bat cave while spelunking in Do Ojos Cenote in Tulum Mexico

Underwater camera

If you plan on going to the cenotes and snorkeling, you’ll absolutely want to have an underwater camera. There are gorgeous views and beautiful wildlife that you won’t want to miss. And how often do you get to take a photo of yourself in an underground bat cave?

Other Essentials

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Refillable water bottle 
  • Sneakers, Flats, and Wedges (skip the stilettos, trust me, most roads are unpaved and walking in heels will not be easy or fun)
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Final tips and tricks

- To get to Tulum, fly into Cancun and book a private car or collective van to your Tulum hotel.
- Taxis along the beach should cost no more than 300 pesos to go anywhere along the beach. If they ask for more, you’re being overcharged.
- Restaurants along the beach charge tourist prices, restaurants downtown charge local prices.
- There are “public buses” that are like passenger vans that are very inexpensive that go from beachside to downtown. 
- This is the cheapest way to get downtown. Taxis will take you there too, but they will charge you a little more.
- Rent bikes one day so you can explore all of the beachside at your leisure. 

Late night view of the cove at Piedra Escondida Hotel

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating it (and experiencing it!). If you have any other tips or suggestions, please leave them for other readers in the comments! It also helps  SO much if you pin this blog on Pinterest or share with friends. If you decide to use this guide for your Tulum trip be sure to let me know what you’re planning to try. I can definitely say that I plan to return and I can’t wait!

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