2022 Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver." Maya Angelou

We know what it's like... trying to find the perfect gift for the person that has everything. Or trying to bring a hostess gift that isn't the same bottle of wine or candle that you've brought every year. Or maybe you are just tired of supporting the big box stores and would like to find some hidden gems from small businesses. After all, they need our support now more than ever!

Well, you're in luck! We're back again with our annual luxury holiday gift guide, but as always there's a twist. See, at Anuket Luxury Apothecary, we love the idea of accessible luxury. We want high quality gifts that our loved ones will cherish, but without making us go broke. It's the thought that counts, right?

So while these gifts FEEL luxurious, they are from small businesses, companies that practice sustainability, or ones that are doing good, all with options under $150! How's THAT for accessible luxury?

You'll look like the hero that put in extra thought to find the most unique gifts. And don't worry, we'll keep your secret... Scroll down for 23 of our favorite products of the season with a little something for everyone on your list. Don't forget that you've had a hard year too, so treating yourself is another form of self care that we can get behind! 

Graphic of Pure Papyrus Roll-On Oil



Because Anuket is one of the only sources of Egyptian papyrus oil in the US, their Pure Papyrus Roll-on Fragrance is the perfect gift for the person that has everything! It is unisex, unique, and universally appealing, while also being natural and cruelty-free. Who wouldn’t love it?

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Leather Wrapped Decanter Set


A decanter and glass set, wrapped with customized genuine leather, by Ella Bing is the ideal gift for any whiskey lover. The set is classy, sophisticated, and personalized. Perfect to leave out as decor on a bar cart, the set will add a luxurious, distinguished feel to any space.

Shop Ella Bing Haberdashery

Link to custom leather wrapped decanter whiskey set
Link to Duke and Edison Co - Personalized cable knitted stockings 

Personalized Christmas Stockings 


A classic family gift that includes everyone, these beautiful cable knit stockings are made with care and customizable by color and name. Choose from red, green, or white, and have the name of your choice engraved on the leather patch adorning the stocking. Large enough to fill with all of your favorite goodies, Duke & Edison created a keepsake gift for each member of the family.

The Duke & Edison Co.

Papyrus hand & body oil


Anuket x Glow Breiter’s Papyrus Hand and Body Oil is the ultimate gift to give to anyone who loves luxury and practicality. The non-greasy organic formula is lightweight, yet ultra moisturizing. The papyrus infused oil is sure to leave you smelling fresh all day.

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Anuket Papyrus Body Oil
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Hatshepsut Fragrance Diffusing Earrings 


An eye catching piece, Anuket’s stunning Queen Hatshepsut inspired earrings are made with natural lava porous stones to diffuse your favorite fragrance all day long. The demi-fine jewelry is 14k gold-filled, meaning this high quality jewelry is made to last and never tarnish. A truly one-of-a-kind gift for any jewelry lover due to its unique hidden bonus of their stunning fragrance diffusing stones. Be sure to add a bottle of any of Anuket’s diffusing oils to complete the set!

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Gold Splatter Turtleneck 


One of many gorgeous pieces from Sonera Design, this gold splatter turtleneck is stylish and perfect for the transitioning chilly winter. Their designs come in made-to-order petite sizes so you can find the best and comfiest fit. The best part is all of Sonera Design’s pieces are ethically made in a small studio in Florida. It doesn’t get much better than stunning sustainable fashion!

Shop Sonera Design

Shop Sonera Design
Shop Walt Wines Pinot Noir

2020 La Brisa Pinot Noir 


A wine for any occasion, Walt's 2020 La Brisa Pinot Noir is carefully aged in 40% new French oak and crafted for a rich texture to pair with your favorite appetizer or meal. A crowd pleaser, it is one of many delicious wines perfected at Walt Wines in Napa and Sonoma Counties, California. Don’t just grab any old bottle of wine, show the wine lover in your life that you thoughtfully chose something for their palette.

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Funny Leather JournaL


There is always a reason for another journal. This one from Pardon My French just happens to have the most perfect inspirational title. One of many amazing journals that eloquently pairs cussing and class, this gift is not only practical, but will earn some laughs as well. Not only is the journal hysterical, it is also practical with its leather cover and lined pages. Shop Pardon My French for more colors or inspirational titles options!

Shop Pardon My French

Shop Pardon My French
The Candle Pour

Candle Making Experience

$20 - $58

Trying to gift less “things,” and more “memories?” Try an out-of-the-box gift like a candle making experience! This present is sure to please because it will be made by their own hands, choosing from thousands of combinations of beautiful fragrance oils to create something they love. Find a bar close to them, like The Candle Pour in Tampa or Candles On Tap in San Diego, and provide a gift certificate for this unique and fun experience.

The Candle Pour in Tampa or
Candles On Tap
in San Diego



Silly Dilly’s offers a dashing outfit for any stylish little guy. The quality of their clothing is hard to beat and you can’t find a cuter style. The light fleece lined plaid pants will keep him warm, while the cotton oxford collared shirt keeps them chic. This one of a kind outfit is flawless for the holiday season. They also sell many “mommy and me” matching outfits for moms of both little girls AND little boys.

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Debonair Boy Outfit
Silly Dilly's knit hats

Hand knit Hats for the Whole Family


Another adorable gift option from Silly Dilly's that is sure to please all ages and genders is this hand-knit pom pom hat. Adorned with little dinosaurs and available in sizes for kids, teens, or adults, this hat has no age and is sure to keep the wearer warm and cozy. An original present that is hand crafted and made with care, this hat along with their other hand made clothes are the perfect gift for young ones or adults alike!

Street Map Coaster Set


A practical and creative keepsake, these street map coasters are a flawless gift. Transport anyone to their hometown with these beautiful, thick, high quality coasters. There are tons of cities to choose from and can come in sets of 2, 5, or 6 of the same map. You can even customize them to have a different map on each coaster! They’re made from Baltic Birch Wood and are a beautiful gift for those who travel or would simply love to have a practical gift to remind them of their home.

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Shop Roasted Whisk

Coffee is Self-Care Gift Basket 


For those who love caffeine, there is no better gift than coffee. This gift set has everything you can need and more. Not only are there two different coffee blends, this gift set includes self care goodies to allow for ultimate relaxation with your morning cup of Joe. The most perfect gift all bundled up and ready to be sent!

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Chase Your Dreams Tee


Know an entrepreneur, a recent graduate, or a dreamer and doer? Get them the cutest inspiring t-shirt around that was featured on The Drew Barrymore Show! This cozy tri-blend shirt from Hey Friends is perfect for layering or for a simple comfy, but motivating, outfit. A great gift to inspire those you care about, AND a way to inspire shopping for ethically made clothing. A dreamy win, win!

Shop Hey Friends
Shop Peachy Keen Collars

Royalty dog collar


Pets are family and they deserve to be treated like such this holiday season. This luxury velvet collar from Peachy Keen is a pampering touch for all the stylish pups in your fam. The sturdy collar is made with nylon webbing and stretched crushed velvet fabric to create a tough yet gorgeous statement peice.

Shop Peachy Keen Collars

Custom embroidered pajamas


Loungewear is the gift that keeps on giving. There is no better way to show someone your appreciation for them than by giving them the gift of relaxation. These pajama sets by Gold Stitch are embroidered and customizable. The order does take about 2-3 weeks to receive but this custom gift is made with love. They have tons of colors and styles to have embroidered and sent to your loved one.

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Shop Anuket Luxury Apothecary

Self-care stocking stuffers


Are they tired of the same old stocking stuffers? (C’mon mom, we have enough chapstick and socks.) This year, remind them that they deserve a little luxury in their lives! Anuket has self-care stocking stuffer ideas for everyone in the family. Gua shas, pumice stones, beard combs, and satin pillowcases and scrunchies… so many beautiful options to spice up their daily care routines.

Vegan & Gluten Free Bakery box


Everyone deserves a delicious holiday treat and this fall favorites box from Mindful Vegan ensures that nobody is left out. Dietary restrictions can put a damper on holiday goodies for those that are vegan, gluten-free, or have other allergies, but this box is full of four different holiday treats for anyone and everyone. Mindful Vegan Co. is an amazing woman-owned small business. This gift box includes a pumpkin spice loaf cake, six pumpkin pie truffles, a pecan pie bar, and two apple crumble muffins.

Shop Mindful Vegan Co.

Fall Favorites Box
Shop Paper Moon Origami Co.

Sheet music cufflinks 


These beautiful hand-folded origamisheet music cufflinks are the perfect wardrobe addition for the musician or music lover in your life. A unique lovely gift, these cufflinks are durable, water resistant, and lightweight. Made from Beethoven’s piano sonata sheet music, this unique gift is creative and sure to amaze. Paper Moon Origami Co. crafts them from three individual sheets of paper to make the stunning design. They offer three different colors to find the perfect match for the music lover in your life.

julieta bamboo wine holder


This elegant bottle carrier doubles as a luxurious gift with your favorite bottle of wine. (Remember that Pinot Noir we mentioned above? Wink Wink) It not only holds the wine of your choice but can be used as a decoration on a dinner table as well. Hand woven, this carrier from Half United is sustainably made and with every purchase, the company gives a meal to a child in need. Half United truly has an inspiring mission and ensures all of their products are sustainably sourced along with giving back to communities in need. A gift from Half United is the complete way to give and to give back this holiday season.

Shop Half United
Link to Dino Apparel

The 2/way slip dress


Stylish, sexy, and comfortable, this 2/way soft slip dress is the obvious choice for cute and cozy fashion. Dino Apparel has amazing, comfortable clothing for all the fashionistas in your life. Sourced from sustainable fabric, this dress can be worn in tank or halter style for an effortless, stunning look. The best news is that the dress features pockets!

masterclass annual membership

Price varies based on options

In a last minute time crunch? A MasterClass subscription has endless options for every individual's interest. All you have to do is go online and email the subscription information for the package you choose to give! It is the perfect couples gift, singles gift, or family gift. There are thousands of classes to choose from to expand one's own interests or to inspire new ones. MasterClass offers the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the world from the comfort of your home.

Shop Master Class

Shop Master Class
Shop The Ivory Palm

Faceted glassware


Everyone loves to drink from a glass that makes their night feel a little more opulent, especially around the holidays. These stunning crystal glasses, available as coupes, tumblers, and champagne flutes from The Ivory Palm, are a lavish twist on traditional style glasses. The beautiful geometric design sends prismatic light rays through your favorite drink making each sip feel fancy. 

Did you find something for everyone on your list? Check out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for even more amazing ideas! Know of some products that we HAVE to add next year? Let us know in the comments who you're shopping for and what you've chosen from our list of favs! 

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