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Supporting small businesses has positive impacts on both the business, and the consumer. Small businesses carry products that are often not found in the stores of larger corporations, making each purchase a unique one. When shopping from small businesses, you can really get to know their brand.

Shopping small has a more personalized experience when you can see the owner and learn the story behind your favorite products. With small businesses accounting for 99.9% of all U.S. businesses, their share of voice is higher than ever. We’ve put together this list of 5 amazing small businesses that we love to support so that they may gain more of the recognition they deserve!

Glow Breiter 

How often do we turn around the bottles of our favorite products? Chances are - very rarely. When we aren’t curious about what is actually in the products we use, we end up sticking with ones that can do more harm than good. 

Thankfully, brands like Glow Breiter, owned by Amanda Breiter, recognize and inspire a need for change and work to provide consumers with clean products that are truly good for you.

Upon their research, Glow Breiter discovered a lot of large corporations disguise harmful materials in their products under the word “fragrance.” After staying clear of all “fragranced” products for fear of the unknown, Glow Breiter finally found an ingredient they could utilize to create the safe, fragranced, self-care items we have come to love and most importantly trust. She works to make these corporations and their deceptive practices known, and show that fragrance itself is not harmful. 

Having the opportunity to work with Amanda and her company in creating our collaborative Hand & Body Oil has helped us to further understand and trust her amazing ingredients, as we at Anuket also work to utilize safe and natural ingredients. Within these products, you can find clean components such as Organic Safflower Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and more!  

Amanda is a mother of two and the owner and creator of Glow Breiter. She has earned her Masters Degree in Nursing and used her knowledge of health and ingredients to make her brand a reality in 2020. To follow her on this mission of providing safe, clean, fragranced products visit her website here!  

Sonera Design

Sonera Design  

Marisol Adkins, a 4’11’’ fashion designer, is the creative mind behind Sonera Design. As a teenager, she saw a need within her own life for petite-sized clothing. With a lack of clothing lines to fill that need for her, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She began creating her own clothes and soon had a collection of one of a kind pieces that fit her the way clothing should.

Upon realizing many other petite women faced this same issue, she began extending her designs to the closets of other women who appreciated her creative, inclusive designs. The fabric of these products are ethically sourced, making Sonera Design a great sustainable business we can look to for fashion advice. Here at Anuket, we love pursuing sustainable businesses that stay away from things such as fast fashion as we work to implement similar environmentally friendly practices into our business.

Hey Friends  

Shaefer Santos, owner and creator of Hey Friends, started her business at just 16 years old. Despite her intention for Hey Friends to be a side hobby, it has become anything but that. The company has fully bloomed into a full-time job for her.

Her products consist of apparel and some other accessories that display positive words and quotes of affirmation, as well as cute, colorful designs.

The company provides inspiration for its customers and leads with a positive outlook.

She balanced her growing number of customers during her junior and senior year of high school. After deciding college was not the path for her, she fully immersed herself into her business and its expansion.

Today, you can find over 55 stores across the U.S. relying on Shaefer to maintain their stock of Hey Friends products. With that number on the rise, Shaefer expresses her excitement in watching her business grow as her hard work continues to pay off.

If you are looking to follow in Shaefer’s footsteps, you can visit our blog on small small business ideas!

Roasted Whisk

Roasted Whisk

With a strong love for coffee and baking, Lizette Rivera followed in her mother’s footsteps and became an entrepreneur. Lizette’s mother, Rose, could always find herself welcomed into her daughter's home with a warm cup of coffee and a tasty baked good to accompany it. When Rose would ask Lizette for boxes of these baked goods to share with her friends, the potential for a new business idea came to light.

The Riveras began creating their boxes of caffeine and sweets for their friends, and eventually began to share publicly under the brand Roasted Whisk. They even began creating their “Pup & Pal Box'' so that pets such as their own didn’t have to miss out!

Paper Moon 

This resourceful company, owned by Katie ONeill, uses colorful patterned paper to create unique jewelry. Each pendant is intricately designed and crafted to create these beautifully ornate pieces. Paper Moon doesn’t just stop at jewelry though, they also create cufflinks, lamps, wall art, and many more eclectic pieces.

Before founding her business, Katie worked as a structural engineer in Sarasota, Florida. Within her business, she continues to pay homage to her previous profession by naming her pieces after women who have made great impacts in similar fields.

On her website, you can find a section called “Women In Stem'' where you can read about the women who have inspired the pieces you purchase.

This great idea and extra step Katie has taken to bring even more character to her pieces is just one reason why we align with and love this brand so much. At Anuket, we also look to extraordinary historical figures to inspire us and help us form what Anuket, and fragrance itself, is today.

Walt Wines

Walt Wines

Walt Wines is a bit of a larger business that we love to support. Recently, we had the opportunity to visit their vineyard in NAPA Valley. While there, Walt Wines provided tastings of their exquisite Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Walt is a family business, originally owned by Bob and Dolores Walt. Their daughter, Kathryn, began managing the vineyard in 1982. Kathryn had spent some time away from the vineyard, but soon realized she wanted to contribute to the family vision inspired by her parents.

Walt Wines operates by allowing their vineyard to grow and express itself naturally without intervention. Their philosophy is that this allows the wine to more naturally and honestly reflect the land from which it was grown.

Walt Wines also has a sister company called HALL that offers another collection of unique, quality wine.

Now that you’ve been introduced to six of your new favorite brands, we want to know which ones you have tried and are your new go-to! Come back and leave a comment if we have helped you find a new self-care line, luxury Pinot Noir, sustainable clothing, or any of these other amazing products. You can shop comfortably from this list knowing that you are supporting businesses that are contributing to real, positive change - all while acquiring some new, unique items for yourself!  

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Samantha Bufalino
Marketing Intern

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