How to Support Small Business and Why You Should

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"Small businesses can range from bootstrapping startups to scaled businesses, doing several million dollars in revenue, with hundreds of employees."

If you spend any amount of time on Facebook, you’ll be sure to scroll past the post of a friend or acquaintance shouting from the rooftops to “support small businesses!” What is your reaction when you see that? Have you ever stopped to consider your ratio of corporate to small business spending? Maybe you’re ballin’ on a budget and not doing much spending right now.  Have you ever recommended a friend’s services to someone else? Perhaps you’re wondering, why that should even matter to you?  

Good news! I’m here to break it down for you. With so many options of places to spend, it can be an overwhelming decision. However, I firmly believe that armed with the right information, you’ll end our time together today with a better understanding of the dynamics that small businesses play in our local and national economies. Additionally, I’m going to provide you with plenty of examples of ways that you can support small businesses in all ways, both mini and massive, both with your money and without.  

Before we get into anything, it is important to be sure we understand what constitutes a “small business.” Small businesses can range from bootstrapping startups to scaled businesses, doing several million dollars in revenue, with hundreds of employees. Because of the range in size, this category contributes significantly to both the local and the national economy. A report in 2018 showed that the revenue of small businesses accounted for 44% of the USA’s economic activity from 1998-2014 and those numbers have only increased since then. There’s no doubt about it. Small businesses keep money moving on a local and national level and provide unique opportunities for jobs, innovation, and community enrichment.

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When people hear that they should be supporting small, they feel overwhelmed. I’ve heard things like, “I’m already spending at my budget. I can’t afford to spend more to support.” Many people don’t realize that there exists a large variety of ways to support small businesses that have nothing to do with spending extra or even spending at all! Below I’ve created a guide with suggestions of ways to support from zero dollars spent to lots of zeros on the dollars spent. See what I did there!  

FREE 99: 

Support on social - This one is simple and super free. If you’re scrolling on social media and you see a post from a business you know, support, or would like to support, give the post a “like” or “love”! The sooner you like it, the better. Social media algorithms will push posts that perform well out to even more people. More interactions tell the algorithm that this is a post that people are responding well to so the social proof that your like provides helps ensure that more eyes see the offer! Your “like” literally could be the difference between 50 people vs 500 people seeing the efforts of a business that you love. Take it a step further and comment, share, and/or save the post depending on the platform. This, again, lets the algorithm know that you are SUPER interested so others might be too, increasing the number of people that it shows the post to. This takes you no time or money and is the absolute easiest way to meaningfully support businesses that you care about.  

Use your own platform - If you’re someone who regularly uses social media, for fun or otherwise, consider making a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly post that creates conversation about small businesses to support. Whether you drop a list of places you love lately or invite others to share their favorites, opening a dialogue and educating others on the importance of supporting small is such a valuable way to support without spending additional coin. 

Word of mouth - When you get a compliment on that cute sweater you got at the boutique across from your girlfriend’s house, don’t be stingy, share the merchant’s name! And when you’re wearing your Anuket fragrance and someone tells you that you smell amazing, let them know where they can find us online. People are even more likely to take an in-person recommendation seriously than an advertisement or post. Never underestimate your ability to influence your friends and loved ones to use their purchasing power for good! 

Put it on a wish list - If you have family and friends that ask you to give them suggestions for holiday/birthday/just because gifts, give them options of small businesses to purchase from! 

Make a switch: 

Not quite free, as money is still exchanged, but what if you weren’t spending extra money but just spending the same money in a different place? 

Look around and see what monthly necessities you could buy from local artisans instead of Target or Walmart. I’m talking about cleaning supplies, toiletries, skincare, house gadgets, and more. Order from the mom and pop Italian restaurant instead of Dominos for Friday pizza night. You get the idea. You’re so much more likely to get a higher quality item with a significantly larger amount of love and intention put into its creation while not spending a dollar more AND supporting your local community. 

Prioritize it:  

Please know these are simply suggestions! No one knows your budget better than you but something I personally did was reallocate some of my “giving back” budget to support small businesses with. I believe that giving back comes in many forms and instead of simply donating each month, I now use some of that money to reinvest into small businesses that I believe in. 

Usually, these businesses are partnered with causes that I believe in and I always make sure that they have values that align with mine. Sometimes I’ll take it a step further and gift what I’ve purchased to someone who needs it. It’s so empowering and fulfilling to creatively support my community and loved ones at the same time. As a business owner myself, it gives me immeasurable joy to pour into someone else’s dream. 

Set a limit - know how much you can comfortably spend on small business purchases each month and enjoy seeking out new businesses to try and support! 

Put your money where your mouth is: 

If you’re in the position to support in larger ways, consider doing so. Now more than ever, and in any time of economic uncertainty, businesses are trying to stay afloat and rely exclusively on the doors (hypothetical or actual) being open and customers spending. Are you able to spend big? Do it! Move your shopping spree from Nordstrom to a privately owned boutique. Have an idea that would improve the business? Consider becoming an investor! Know someone who can use a large quantity of what a business provides? Make the connection! We are all far more connected than we realize and it NEVER hurts us to support one another in many ways.

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As far as what Anuket is doing? We support independent, family-owned perfumeries. We collaborate with other small businesses. As a small business ourselves, we commit to providing a product and experience so high quality that people won’t think twice about switching to small because they know their experience will be significantly better and more personalized than a big box, corporate experience. Keep an eye out for our soon coming “Brands We Love” collaborations and please consider browsing through the variety of amazing products that we currently have to offer. Your support is so valuable and so appreciated!  

If you learned something, received value, or know someone who would, please let us know in the comments and share this article with a friend (see, another way that you can support for free!). As always, make sure you’re hanging out with us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for new and exciting content. Don’t forget to subscribe here for emails so that you get all of our first-to-know updates on sales, launches, events, and more!



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