Anuket's Guide to Throwing a Luxurious Fall Gathering (On a Budget)

Outdoor gathering with strung lights

With the summer heat finally subsiding come more opportunities to explore the outdoors, find a new fall hobby, and connect with friends. Outdoor gatherings are the perfect way to take advantage of the fall season and make new memories. 

We at Anuket are very pro-outdoor fall gatherings, especially when done right! And because we love to talk about accessible luxury, we believe that, with a little creativity, it's possible to throw a luxurious outdoor party without overspending. To celebrate the season, here are some ideas for an intimate, fabulous fall party. 

DIY Fall Planter tutorial

Accessible Luxury in the Fall

How you’ll spend your budget will depend on the vibe you decide to choose for your fall gathering.  We at Anuket love an outdoor, chic, boho atmosphere, cozy with fall pieces. 

DIY fall planters are in this year, and easier to make than ever.  Take a look at this guide and Youtube video for some inspiration. 

Some greenery - grasses, flowers, bushes - whatever you may decide to grow - adds a calming, warm atmosphere to an outdoor fall gathering.  If you’re looking for ideas, consider growing some Sumac. A beautiful flowering plant with berries, dried Sumac enhances the flavor of savory dishes with it’s tart lemony flavor. Known for it’s medicinal qualities, the berries of the flowers are dried and ground into a powder that has been used since the Roman empire. Most commonly used in Middle Eastern dishes, the spice is quickly gaining popularity with it’s antiseptic qualities and diverse use. Thousands of recipes  call for this complimentary spice in grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and desserts. It's one of Ashlee's personal favorites because of how tangy and unique it is!

To add a more neutral tone to the decor, consider including some Pampas Grass, either laying flat or filling a DIY, upscaled spring vase as a centerpiece to your seating arrangement.  This trendy decor plant retains its shape and volume with a simple spray of water once per day. 

However, creating a boho, luxurious outdoor atmosphere is only the first step to consider for a fall gathering.  The next natural question that comes to mind is: what should you serve your guests? 

Pampas Grass Decor Ideas

What to Serve

A good rule of thumb for a fall gathering is to keep the food and drink light, but comforting. For nibbles, we love a fresh roasted butternut squash salad.  Easy to make, this dish combines crisp walnut and sweet cranberries with the warmth of butternut squash over a bed of mixed greens to create a dish that will delight party-goers while standing out from the crowd.

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

Another way to keep things light but filling is including cookie fruit pizzas for dessert. Not only are these a hit with kids as well as adults, you can tailor the specific fruits to your guests’ taste and what is currently in season.

For those who enjoy a refreshing seasonal cocktail, we have several ideas for those as well.  

An Empress 75 will impress with its effervescent, bubbly taste.  

Gin can be a divisive spirit, but mixed into this cocktail, it enriches the flavor without overwhelming it.  Garnish with lemon peel to add a refreshing, citrus scent and flavor profile. 

Let this luxurious, sparkling drink compliment the chic ambiance your decor provides you.

Empress 75 Recipe

Coconut Mezcal Margarita

A Coconut Mezcal margarita contrasts the sweet taste of lime and coconut with the smoky spiciness of Mezcal.  

Perfect for those that want a lighter drink with a flavorful bite.  

Garnish with a jalapeno slice for a bright pop of green against the white of the drink.

If you’re a fan of champagne (we at Anuket certainly are!) there’s a simple, elegant way to make your own champagne bucket.  But here’s the catch - it’s made entirely of ice, fruit, and flowers.  

Chill champagne (or a light wine) in this beautiful piece, and your guests will quickly line up to ask how you made it.  Play coy and keep it between us, or be kind and share the recipe - it’s up to you!

You can also make your own ice cubes the same way to dress up any of your drinks, whether alcoholic or not!

DIY Champagne Bucket with fruit and flowers
Bowl full of ice cubes with dried edible flowers

Ember herbal tea

For those choosing to forego alcohol, a company we at Anuket support and patronize is Embrew Teas.  

Not only is the company woman-owned, but the tea leaves themselves are high-quality, they come in a wide variety of flavors, and are already lightly sweetened with natural sweeteners.  Their floral blends are perfect for a crisp, refreshing iced tea that all of your guests will enjoy.

Creating a Scentscape for Your Summer Gathering

As you can see, ideas abound for hosting a luxurious, fall gathering.  However, we at Anuket can offer something few other apothecaries can: Scentscapes.  What is a scentscape?  

To put it simply, placing several of our Oyster Diffusers, paired with one of our signature fragrance oils, will fill your gathering space with a luxurious, calming, olfactory tone. 


Oyster Diffuser

Pure Papyrus Diffusing Oil

For a fresh, summertime scent, try our Pure Blue Lotus diffusing oil.  For something more traditional, check out our flagship Pure Papyrus diffusing oil - a rare fragrance to find in the United States, papyrus oil has been described as “life-changing” by our customers, for its clean, crisp scent. 

As an added bonus, Papyrus oil is a natural mosquito repellent, perfect for keeping your summer gathering as “bug-free” as possible.  

Part of a successful social gathering is engaging your guests on every sensory level - good tasting food and drinks, beautiful decor, your favorite music, interesting DIY pieces to pick up and study - but most people forget about scent.  Just like filling the air with music creates a festive atmosphere, creating a scentscape can tie your outdoor gathering together in an unforgettable package.  

Ice cubes with dried flowers

As long as summer felt coming, it will slip away all too quickly - funny how time works that way, isn’t it?  Take advantage of the season: enjoy time with friends and family with a luxurious, memorable gathering.  The best part is that you can do it all on a limited budget - and your guests will be none the wiser. 

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