How to Have A Sexy Valentine's Day

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Love is in the air as February is here and Valentine's Day nears. Anuket has come up with a guide to enjoying a sensual evening with your partner from the comfort of your own home.    

What makes Valentine’s Day at home sexy is that you have the privacy and space to bond with your partner more intimately. Here at Anuket, we are aphrodisiac enthusiasts. We will introduce you to some aphrodisiacs and activities that are perfect for getting in a sensual mood with your special someone this Valentine’s Day. 


Romantic Kiss

A “Spa-in” Evening

Let’s dive into how getting ready for each other can be fun and seductive. Getting started with your sexy Valentine’s Day calls for a spa retreat where you can pamper one another while getting ready for your romantic evening.    

Bathing each other is a sensual way to bond with your significant other. Be prepared to help your partner rejuvenate by taking a steamy shower or a warm bubble bath together. After a nice sizzling shower with your partner, you can give each other a soothing massage. All of Anuket’s fragrances are unisex, and would be great to incorporate in a “Spa-In” evening because they are pure essential oils, many with aphrodisiac effects.

Our Papyrus Hand & Body Oil is perfect for spicing up a massage between lovers. Papyrus oil is an aphrodisiac, a substance that increases sexual desire, and is infused in our body oil along with other organic hydrating ingredients. This body oil pairs excellently with its accessory, our new Wooden Gua Sha massager.    

Circulation helps the body relax, and a Gua Sha massager helps reduce inflammation. Using this combination of products can leave you and your partner in a highly relaxed bodily state while breathing in the arousing aroma of papyrus to relax your mind. 

Anuket Hand & Body Oil with Gua Sha Massager

Pure Papyrus Diffusing Oil in a Fragrance Diffuser

Are you looking for some ways to make this a super sultry experience? Before massaging each other, drop our Pure Papyrus Diffusing Oil in a mist diffuser of your choice and let the aroma create a sensual vibe that will make it hard for you to resist each other. Essential oils are an excellent touch for a “Spa-In” night, and our Papyrus scent is a unique choice that has been used in Egypt as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years.

A Candle-Lit Meal with Wine

While most people go out for Valentine’s Day, cooking a fabulous meal together at home can be quite the bonding experience. You can even spice up the occasion by wearing something sexy for each other and learning a new recipe to make it an adventurous process that you figure out together. Amplify the romantic vibe by lighting candles and playing soft music in the background.

Romantic Candle-Lit Dinner
 2020 WALT La Brisa Pinot Noir

Did you know that red wine is an aphrodisiac? Walt Wines has a delicious variety of red wines that would pair excellently with a warm homemade dinner. Sip on a 2020 WALT La Brisa Pinot Noir to make this special day memorable. It’s carefully aged in 40% new French Oak and crafted for a rich texture to pair with your favorite appetizer or meal.     

A tasty meal you cook together as a couple is a memorable experience in many different ways. Wine is the perfect way to reward yourselves for your effort to make your Valentine’s Day meal exceptional, and you might just have a new favorite drink! 

Romantic Activities

After your bodies are relaxed and satisfied, continue the night with thoughtful, romantic activities. Watching a romantic movie in a cozy environment you create for your partner can be incredibly kind and heartfelt.

What could be so romantic about watching a movie at home? A LOT. A fantastic way to make this experience unique in the house is to use a movie projector, dim the lights, and light many candles. Then add a dessert the movie theater just can't offer...

Every fabulous Valentine’s Day meal must be topped off with a perfect dessert. We have a dessert idea for your Valentine’s Day movie marathon that will keep the romance vibes going strong. Creativity and sexuality are rumored to go hand in hand energetically. So, tap into your creative nature by making a spread of sweet aphrodisiacs.

Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate is not only a tasty treat but an edible aphrodisiac. Instead of creating a platter of chocolates, switch things up by making chocolate fondue served with a platter of fruits. Some yummy fruits could include strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, cherries, and figs. For the record, strawberries and figs also have aphrodisiac effects.

Ready to get drunk in love? Wine pairs well with some fruit options we mentioned for a delightful platter. Get willing to let loose and pour yourself another glass or two for an aphrodisiac overload.  

Our next suggestion is for you lovebirds to dance your hearts out in whatever way you want.  You can explore a style to experiment with without feeling embarrassed. You are, after all, within the comfort of your own home with someone you can get loose with.  

Experiment with new and different dance styles, whether that includes dirty dancing, salsa, tango, or slow dancing. Remember that you can dance like no one is watching because no one is. The dance floor belongs to the two of you, as you are the only people in the room. So, no pressure!  

Setting Up The Bedroom

One can always go right with a romantic bedroom setup, and one perfect design includes lots of rose petals! Go all out for your significant other and have a trail of rose petals that lead to the bed. Scatter some on the bed for a pleasant touch. 

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

We are excited to share another fabulous idea that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. In some cultures, people assemble water bowls filled with floating flowers in a design of their choice. Many of these bowls include rose petals or foliage within the structure. 

Flower bowls are standard in India, Bali, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. These cultures use this practice to show their gratitude and respect for nature, welcome visitors, or create Feng Shui within the home. If you’re looking for more information or inspiration, check out this blog post by Adam Robinson Design

This Valentine’s Day, place flower petals in a decorative bowl with a floral arrangement of your choice. Roses would be ideal for Valentine’s Day because their scent is an aphrodisiac, and the water bowl diffuses the scent of the flowers throughout the room.

Floating Flower Arrangement

Anuket Pure Egyptian Rose Diffusing Oil

You can also add a few drops of  Pure Egyptian Rose Diffusing Oil to the flower bowl to really enhance the aphrodisiac effects. All of Anuket’s fragrance oils are natural essential oils that have been cold-pressed and imported from Egypt. It is an excellent alternative to artificial fragrances that may contain alcohol or dyes, which can trigger allergies.  

Eating rose petals works as an aphrodisiac too. If you are open to this, feed your partner edible-grade WASHED rose petals. This is an exotic idea to try if you like trying new things. You may be surprised that you enjoy eating them and make them a regular thing.

We also recommend using satin as an act of self-care. Satin is good for the skin and hair. Aside from satin feeling good on the skin and creating a sexy mood, a satin pillowcase can also reduce unwanted hair frizz, skin wrinkles, and acne so you can feel your best.   

Try something new this Valentine’s Day and create some exquisite moments at home using inspiration from Anuket. Who could forget a lovely evening that consists of a seductive spa night, a candlelit meal with delicious wine, romantic movies, chocolate fondue, dancing, and a beautiful bedroom aesthetic? 

Show your partner some tender love and care this Valentine’s Day. Actions speak volumes, and creating these experiences yourself is a great way to remind your special someone that you are willing to go the extra mile to show them how much you cherish bonding time.

Cuddling and Intimacy

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