The Six Scents that Started it All

Anuket's six Egyptian essential oil fragrances bottles lying on a wicker background

If you’re someone who has already been introduced to Anuket Luxury Apothecary’s natural oil fragrances, you are likely familiar with at least a couple of your favorites. But if you’re new here, welcome! This article is a great way to learn about our core products, our original six fragrances, which are the gorgeous scents that have brought Anuket to where it is today. 

Our Pure Papyrus Roll-on Fragrance was our original product and is still our number one seller. It is sourced from a small perfumery in Egypt, then hand-bottled in our Florida offices. Since our launch though, I’ve curated an additional five fragrances, from the same perfumery, with different scent profiles to diversify our collection and ensure that there is truly something for everyone. I’ll go into detail about each of them with the hope that it inspires you to try something new that helps you feel your best whenever you put it on! And because they are all pure fragrance oils, they will linger on your skin much longer than an eau de parfum, eau de toilette, etc.

All of our scents can be worn as a personal fragrance on the skin like a cologne or perfume. However, because they do not contain any alcohol or other additives, they are a natural alternative to commercial fragrances. All of our oils can also be used in mist or other room diffusers, on fragrance diffusing jewelry, or as blends with your other favorite oils. And we will continue to develop beautiful self care and home fragrance products in order to help you enjoy our scents in numerous ways.

Anuket papyrus oil infused hand sanitizer bottle on pebble background
Bottle of Anuket papyrus oil roll-on fragrance perfume in a jewelry box with pearl necklace and lapel pin
Anuket x Coquet Modern Hydrating Hair Fragrance black bottle sitting next to white blessing beads and silver candle holders

Papyrus Oil:

Our flagship product, Pure Papyrus Roll-on Fragrance, is a single-ingredient essential oil made of pure Egyptian papyrus oil. Papyrus grows plentiful in Egypt, therefore it is a sustainable source of fragrance. The scent is often described as crisp, clean, and unique while still having a beautiful familiarity. Because of its remarkably universally appealing scent, it is great for all genders, and was long used as an aphrodisiac in ancient Egypt. Even Cleopatra was known to include papyrus oil in her beauty routine. 

Papyrus is also the scent that has been infused into our Hydrating Hair Fragrance, our Deep Conditioning Beard Oil, and our hand sanitizer.

Anuket Pure Blue Lotus oil Roll-On Fragrance matte black bottle on woven leather

Pure Blue Lotus:

Our Pure Blue Lotus oil comes from the sacred blue lotus flower of Egypt. It has a fresh, clean, slightly powdery scent. It is said to encourage tranquility and relaxation, but is also a strong aphrodisiac, known to enhance love and relationships. If you’re a fan of the cult fragrance, Cool Waters, then you’ll be a huge fan of Blue Lotus. Like many of our oils, it can be used as more than just a fragrance due to being a single ingredient product. Because it is full of vitamins and antioxidants, when pressed onto the skin it nourishes, moisturizes, and brightens your complexion.

Spice jars in square glass jars lined up in an organized drawer after spring cleaning

Pure Egyptian Musk:

Pure Egyptian Musk is a woodsy, earthy scent that was used for thousands of years by the Egyptians as aromatherapy and fragrance for both men and women. It is said to create a calming effect. Musk is what is known as a “fixative” scent. It lingers on the skin and doesn’t wear away as easily as other fragrances. Additionally, when mixed with other scents or used as a base, it amplifies the notes and longevity of other fragrances that it accompanies. Whether you choose to wear it alone or layered underneath another favorite scent, musk is a necessity in every fragrance lover’s collection. In addition to pure Egyptian musk, you can also enjoy this scent in the Sensitive Skin formula of our Beard Oil.

Anuket Pure Sakkara Roll-On Fragrance perfume cologne black bottle lying on a white fur background

Pure Sakkara:

Pure Sakkara oil is made from the Sakkara flower, which grows only in Egypt and was named after the palace and city in which it was found. It is a light scent that leans floral but without the sweetness that is sometimes accompanied by floral oils. While most floral fragrances lean feminine, Sakkara has a beautifully gender-neutral appeal. It is a pure essential oil that is safe to use on the body without dilution. When used as a layering fragrance it adds a floral note but it is strong enough to be worn alone or used as a base fragrance as well.

Anuket's matte black mimose oil fragrance bottle on a faux fur blanket

Pure Mimose:

Our Pure Mimose comes from the cold-pressed oil of the flower grown on beautiful mimosa trees. It has a lightly floral and softly powdery scent, making it yet another versatile fragrance in our collection. It wears beautifully on its own but it is also light enough to layer well. This is one of our sweeter scent options if you are looking for a more standard floral fragrance oil. 

Anuket Luxury Apothecary Egyptian Rose Roll-on Fragrance rose oil bottle lying on gold glittery fabric

Pure Egyptian Rose:

Another multitasker, our pure concentrated oil made from Egyptian roses can be worn as a fragrance or as skincare. Every 10ml bottle of rose essential oil contains 44 pounds of distilled rose petals. Egyptian rose oil is rich and intense without overpowering, a constantly desired fragrance that is more than perfect to be worn solo or layered. Also considered to be part of Cleopatra’s beauty routine, rose oil has long been known for being a moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, tissue regenerating agent. Therapeutic benefits include prevention of aging, acne, and dehydration, among others.

Anuket Luxury Apothecary's Six Fragrances:

Pure Papyrus
Pure Blue Lotus
Pure Egyptian Musk
Pure Sakkara
Pure Mimose
Pure Egyptian Rose

My commitment to you, and the mission of Anuket Luxury Apothecary, is to continue to find and create innovative new ways for you to experience these fine fragrances in your life and home. We believe everyone should have a signature scent, and strive to help you find yours.

We have lots of exciting things in the works and you can be confident that we will always launch new products in our original and most loved fragrance papyrus first. As we receive feedback on our existing launches we will expand them into other fragrances so please be sure to let us know what expansions you’re looking forward to seeing. Your opinion is important to us and we always take it into account as we develop new product lines.

Box of Anuket Fragrance Sampler Set with papyrus, lotus, musk, mimose, sakkara, and rose oil on a white faux fur blanket

I hope this has given you some fragrance inspiration and a renewed excitement to step outside the box and try a new fragrance or fragrance combo. If you have yet to try our fragrances and would like to test each out before making a decision on a full-bottle, our Fragrance Sampler Pack is the perfect place to start.

Our Signature and Floral Collection gift sets are also a fabulous opportunity to grab multiple fragrances, at a slightly lower cost per fragrance, and play around with layering the complementary scents.

Anuket Collection Gift Set, Three Fragrance bottles and box

Please feel free to let me know in the comments what your favorite layering combination is. I love hearing how our clients and friends personalize our fragrances to make them their own!

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