Pure Mimose Roll-On Fragrance bottle on a white flowers background
Pure Mimose Roll-On Fragrance bottle on a soft grey material
Woman holding Pure Mimose Roll-On Fragrance bottle in her hand towards her neck
Woman holding Pure Mimose Roll-On Fragrance bottle in her hand towards her wrist
Pure Mimose Roll-On Fragrance bottle and box standing on white stone with black and beige vases in the background
Pure Mimose Diffusing Oil bottle, box and Pure Mimose roll-on fragrance displayed with a background with white wooden beads books and vases

Pure Mimose Roll-On Fragrance

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Mimose essential oil, made from the beautiful mimosa tree, is worn on the skin as a light floral, powdery scent. Because it is a pure oil, it will last longer than your traditional perfume or cologne. 

Roll-on bottle of 100% pure mimose essence oil 
All Anuket fragrances are natural and cruelty-free

10ml / .34 fl oz


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Denise Derepentigny
Pure Mimrose

I love the scent but it doesn’t seem to last all day like the papyrus oil.

Heavenly Scent

I ordered the sample of all the fragrances and this one was an absolute standout for me. It's floral and feminine, but makes an impact. It's long lasting so I get to enjoy the fragrance all day long. I love the Rose Oil as well, but there is something spell-binding about Mimose...


Love it! It's a soft, feminine, long lasting scent.
I use all four Anuket scents....to fit how I feel and what I'm doing daily.

A New Favorite!

I'm very much a "stick to what I know" and "I like what I like" when it comes to my beauty and fragrance products. However, I've been looking to find a new personal signature scent instead of continually rotating between my standard 2-3 options. I believe I've found it. This is light, alluring, not too sweet, and beautifully feminine. It wears great and doesn't turn on me as some oils do. Thank you for a great product!

Elizabeth Longden
Love Love LOVE

This oil smells amazing and lasts all day. I'll never go back to high-priced regular perfume!