How Does Anuket Luxury Apothecary Stand Out in a Market Full of Fragrance and Personal Care Options?

Ahhhhh the Information Age. Daily we are flooded with more information than we can possibly digest in the form of marketing, advertising, reports, news, and the list goes on. There’s a sale here, a story there, a breaking event last night, and a can’t miss something or other happening tomorrow morning. As much as we’d like to turn it all off sometimes, we can’t deny that at least a portion of it is required to stay plugged in and in-the-know in today’s world.

Here at Anuket Luxury Apothecary, we get it. We are a business, you’re reading our blog, it’s an intelligent strategy to stay in contact with our community and put in work to grow it. However, something that remains top of mind here at Anuket is how to consistently provide real value, stand out, and connect with a community that needs what we offer and gets value from being aware of us.

"Consumers are asking questions, and Anuket is proud to stand by our answers."

I want to share a few ways that we pride ourselves in connecting with and relating to our community. I’m confident that these things have been instrumental to the success of Anuket so far and will lead us through many years to come. They are the keys to what separates us within our market, which grabs the attention of our supporters.

If you have a business yourself, I hope this will inspire you to dig deep into the values that connect you to your consumer. I anticipate that it will help you feel more confident in your offerings or inspire you to evolve and find your community.

If you’re a current or new customer of Anuket, you’ll get an inside peek into my heart and the heart of our brand. You’ll learn what we stand for and why we stand out, and I believe that you’ll finish reading with a sense of pride and confidence in being a part of the Anuket family.

An important thing to remember in any situation is that, at any given time or place, we are surrounded by a multitude of other human beings with individual personalities, values, moral codes, and more. When it comes to marketing and sales, some may think I’m crazy, but I don’t subscribe to the idea that every single thing must be for every single person. Old school, “sell snow to a snowman,” style sales and marketing may have you believe that big success is found by selling as much as you can to everyone that you can. However, I do not buy it, and whether you’re a business or a consumer, you shouldn’t either.

Businesses, it is our responsibility to make it easy for consumers to build their confidence with us. And consumers, you have a right to know what the deal is when spending your valuable dollars with the businesses that you love. People are being more selective than ever BECAUSE they are inundated with so many options. It is no longer simply, “What is it and how much is it?” but much more often now it’s, “Do these companies’ morals and values align with my own?’ All this to say, consumers are asking questions, and Anuket is proud to stand by our answers. Let’s get to it!

Who are we?

Anuket is a woman-owned luxury apothecary based out of Tampa, Florida. Head here for a deeper dive into our company story, and here for an interview with me for more behind the scenes details. In addition to producing great products, we are passionate about building community, supporting others, empowering consumers, and educating those around us.

As passionate as I am about the beauty and personal care industry, I am not naive about its tactics, whether it be tearing others down in order to build themselves up with something they’ve sold or deceptive marketing regarding the health and safety of products. My goal is to use my cumulative experience in e-commerce, the personal care space, and health education to continually shine a light on the good, bad, and ugly and consistently provide you, a supporter of Anuket, the information that you need to support us with confidence.

What do we offer?

Currently, we offer single-origin fragrance oils in 6 scents: papyrus, lotus, musk, rose, mimose, and sakkara. Papyrus Oil is our signature scent and the scent that sparked Anuket into existence. It is a clean, crisp, unisex scent that is a rare find in North America. We are, proudly, one of the only sources of this oil in the US, and actually one of the only sources anywhere outside of Africa.

Papyrus oil is the cold-pressed oil obtained from the Cyperus Papyrus plant and worn as a fragrance. Papyrus grew bountifully on the banks of the Nile River in ancient Egypt and was used for numerous things, such as baskets, sandals, reed boats, and most notably as a form of paper writing material. The oil obtained from the plant was used as a perfume, most often for men. However, it was believed that Cleopatra herself also wore a form of papyrus oil as part of her beauty regimen. 

Who am I supporting when I support Anuket?

In addition to supporting a female entrepreneur and educator whose passion is building business, educating, and inspiring others, you are also supporting the national and local economy by contributing to a US-owned business. We are a true individually owned, small business.

Additionally, you are supporting workers in Egypt at the perfumeries that we source our products from. We are proud to be a US-owned business that also ethically supports and develops international relationships as we find it so important to keep a pulse on a world beyond our personal bubble and advocate for humans all over the globe.  

Talk to me about the integrity of Anuket and its products.

Anuket proudly chooses to remain cruelty-free and never to test on animals. Check out this article from Cruelty-Free Kitty for several examples of why you should consider sticking to, or switching to, cruelty-free products.

Additionally, our products are totally natural with no synthetic fragrances. This may be a huge selling point for you if you’re a fan of staying with natural brands, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share this educational article that we recently put up regarding the differences between synthetic and natural fragrances and what facts matter when deciding between products and ingredients. Hint, natural can be good, but it’s actually not always better. Whatever reason it is that you’re choosing a natural route, Anuket proudly falls into the category of natural and safe.

Lastly, we have no additives or alcohol in our fragrance oils. Sometimes these ingredients are included to help with dispensing or other product changes but our pure oils dispense smoothly from their beautiful matte rollerball onto the skin for up to 8 hours of wear with no added ingredients. This may be helpful if you have sensitivities or are prone to headaches.

Anuket is committed to being a brand that you can not only trust but be proud to support. As we grow we will remain passionate about transparency and education. We are confident that our values will allow us to continually stand out in the market.

We recognize that there are many opportunities to consume products and support businesses and I’m so grateful to have had a few moments to share with you what makes Anuket different and unique for you and your experience. 

Have you tried Anuket’s fragrances yet? If so, leave us a comment and let us know which of our fragrances you love most! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for new and exciting content and get subscribed here for emails so that you get all of our first to know updates on sales, launches, events, and more!



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