Anuket is Turning TWO!

Anuket's six Egyptian essential oil fragrances bottles lying on a wicker background

It’s such a proud moment. Anuket has officially turned two years old! If you know the story of how Anuket came to be, you know that I was NOT in search of anything but myself at the time. I was traveling with no agenda, looking to reconnect with myself after leaving an abusive relationship, when I hopped on a Nile cruise and found myself at a little perfumery picking out a fragrance to remember my trip by. I could have never guessed the chain of events that would follow but here we are, two years in business and I could not be more grateful for what has transpired, nor more excited for the future.

Where We Started

Once I realized that pure papyrus oil was not readily available in the US, I got right to work. Anuket was founded in the Greater Tampa Bay Area and all of our product based operations remain here today. We are proud to be a woman owned company that supports small family perfumers and other women-owned and minority-owned businesses, all while hand bottling our products here in the USA.

For the majority of the first year, every single operation of Anuket was a one woman show. In the last year I’ve been so grateful to have teams of interns contribute their efforts and help me to expand and scale in many ways. Having interns has also allowed me to fulfill another passion of mine, mentorship. It is always my intention that our intern teams leave with twice as much new knowledge and experience as they’ve brought and that our collaborative time together is full of productivity and growth.

Anuket papyrus oil infused hand sanitizer bottle on pebble background
Bottle of Anuket papyrus oil roll-on fragrance perfume in a jewelry box with pearl necklace and lapel pin
Anuket x Coquet Modern Hydrating Hair Fragrance black bottle sitting next to white blessing beads and silver candle holders

How We’ve Grown

We launched with one product, our signature scent pure papyrus oil. I sold it locally to friends and wholesaled it to retail boutiques. Within the first year we expanded to five other fragrances and started planning additional product lines. Now, two years later, Anuket has customers in 36 states and 11 countries, and counting! We have expanded beyond just personal fragrance to include hair care, demi-fine jewelry, skin & beard care, and home fragrance!
Spice jars in square glass jars lined up in an organized drawer after spring cleaning
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What’s Next

Home fragrance you say? Yes, surprise! Your (many) requests have been heard! Home fragrances are here. All of our scents are available in dropper bottles to make it easy to diffuse them in a mist diffuser, on our jewelry, or via our new scent diffusing decor.  We now offer beautiful scent diffusing bowls with your choice of porous lava rock or selenite crystals. Our customizable options means you can find the perfect look for your home's aesthetic, and a few drops of our oils on the porous stones will keep your home smelling amazing.

That's not all! Coming very soon... Our linen sprays are currently in production and you definitely need one for your home. It's bottled beautifully and makes an excellent housewarming gift as well! Can you tell I'm excited?!

Anuket Pure Sakkara Roll-On Fragrance perfume cologne black bottle lying on a white fur background

Our Thanks to You!

Of course there’s no one I want to celebrate Anuket’s Two Year Anniversary with more than YOU! So why not start by making it even easier to stock up on your faves or try some new products. Our Anniversary Sale will be live SO soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to our emails and following us on social so that you don’t miss out on the amazing deals!

If you’ve been around since the early days, you know that we really only have two big sales per year: our Anniversary and Black Friday. Sales will include discounts on some products and bundle deals on new ones so be sure to stock up while the savings are hot!

As we hit this Two Year Anniversary Milestone, I am filled with both gratitude and excitement. I’m grateful for YOU and our incredible community. I’m grateful for every share, referral, review, and recommendation. I’m grateful for every order and reorder. I’m grateful for my interns and my personal support system. Growing a small business and maintaining support for small business is no easy task.

These last two years have been a labor of love and an example of my unwavering commitment to providing luxury fragrance at an accessible price, while pushing the envelope and continuing to develop and grow Anuket Luxury Apothecary into the household name that I know it can be. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for fueling my excitement with your part in this journey. I will continue to curate, create, innovate, and educate in the personal and home fragrance space and I’m glad to do it with you by my side.

Box of Anuket Fragrance Sampler Set with papyrus, lotus, musk, mimose, sakkara, and rose oil on a white faux fur blanket

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  • How exciting for you and your company. The story of your journey was delightful to read. I am looking forward to the linen spray and your sale. Kudos to you Ashlee.

    With kindest personal regards,
    Karen (Marone) Thomas


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