What to Pack for Your Trip to Napa, California

Traveling entails many time-consuming tasks, one of them being what to pack. Some plan far in advance and others work better in a pinch. Whichever method works best for you, I’m here to fill you in on how to look and feel your best while exploring Napa Valley.

Our style guide is based on the fall season in which Ashlee and her crew explored the Napa wineries. Hopefully, this guide will inspire a few outfits for whenever you decide to embark on your luxurious Napa adventure. 

You wake up early to get to your destination on time - the morning is crisp with a promise of warmth later in the day. What do you wear? A safe bet will always be something loose with layers.

Throw on a classic undershirt, a cute jean jacket, your favorite skirt, and chunky heels and voilà - you're ready for the wineries! Even if those glasses of wine warm you up faster than anticipated, your loose, comfy, yet stylish layers have you ready for optimal comfort.

Outfit idea 1

Link to Anuket's collaboration with Walt Wines

Ashlee’s first outfit is all about classy comfort. Depending on the season, the shirt should be a short sleeve or quarter length.

Ashlee made sure to pack her favorite staple shirts, most of which you can find at White House Black Market.

Investing in a couple high quality, staple pieces is going to save you time and money. Not to mention, less waste on trendy fast fashion.    .

Pair this with a transitional piece such as a jacket, or in Ashlee’s case, a duster! This duster is a one-of-a-kind couture piece made by her mother-in-law. Ashlee receives copious amounts of compliments on this piece due to the texture and dimension it adds to her outfits. 

To finish the outfit, Ashlee is wearing a Gucci belt to cinch her lovely duster. While adding a belt to your duster is optional, it helps to define the waistline. But the flowy silhouette is also fabulous without a belt.

Link to Anuket's collaboration with Walt Wines
When walking through vineyards, closed toed shoes are ideal. Furthermore, if you're going with a heel, make sure to wear a thicker one.

Open toed shoes can be a stylish choice when you're not planning on walking through grasses and vines. Instead, any type of chunky heel, wedge, or bootie would be the perfect option for fall weather and wandering the vineyards. 

Natural straw purses bring an earthy energy to any look. Because a neutral-toned bag is a safe bet for any trip, Ashlee has brought this purse on many adventures, including her trip to Tulum, where she first purchased it.

Another great tip while you're packing for Napa is making sure to bring your favorite pair of sunglasses! Not only is the California sun usually out and in full force, but they also make the perfect accessory. 

Ashlee is pictured here styling Anuket’s fragrance diffusing jewelry with this fit. Adding bracelets and earrings can really elevate any outfit, especially when they smell lavish all day long.

Our earrings and necklaces are made with demi-fine 14k gold-filled posts and diffuse any scent of your choosing. 

Outfit Idea 2

Link to Boeschen Vineyards Website

If you have a long, warmer day ahead of you, a skirt with a short sleeve top might be the perfect outfit to keep you comfortable all day long. A mid- to full-length skirt is a great option to fight off the chill of fall weather while keeping you temperate outside in the sun. 

Pictured here is Ashlee wearing a vintage, flowy skirt that she scored from an estate sale. 

Here at Anuket we LOVE thrifting and encourage secondhand shopping to reduce waste and deter from fast fashion.

Ashlee's top is another staple from Target. While she avoids shopping at large department stores for the most part, purchasing basics and layer-able pieces from these types of stores makes mixing and matching easier, and more affordable.

Link to Boeschen Vineyards History

Ashlee paired this all sleek, all black outfit with her go-to white sneakers. A trusty pair of white sneakers is a great wardrobe staple being that they are so diverse and comfortable. Her white sneakers from Keds are the perfect all day walking shoe.

Another great way to enhance your look is by adding a cute hat like the one pictured here. Ashlee found hers at a small shop in Tulum, but you can find an adorable headpiece at most women's boutiques.

On a sunny California day, a chic hat is the perfect accessory to complete your outfit. Not only is it stylish, but also extremely practical! 

Ashlee paired her hat with a matching straw crossbody purse that she received in one of her Beachly subscription boxes. A crossbody is the perfect way to keep your hands free to hold more wine!

For accessories, Ashlee is wearing Anuket’s demi-fine 14k gold filled Hatshepsut fragrance diffusing earrings along with Anuket's fragrance diffusing bracelets. Not only does she look amazing, but she’ll be smelling amazing all day! 

Ashlee brought a classic jean jacket to pair with her dresses and keep her warm during California's fall season. Having a lightweight option that fits in your bag can be a lifesaver when traveling.

Outfit idea 3

The heat of California calls for a couple loose, comfy, and cute options. Ashlee wore a flowy halter dress on her wine tasting adventure to the Inglenook estate.

This dress was practical, charming, and not to mention perfect for the temperate weather. She bought this dress from an older collection at the fabulous MISRED boutique in St. Petersburg, Florida (we love to support local!).

Link to Domaine Carneros Website

Ashlee paired her dress with her favorite light beige straw handbag. The neutral tone of this purse makes it extremely versatile and brings an organic, natural look to the outfit.

Finding bags, shoes, and accessories that you can wear with many outfits is an amazing way to save space in your wardrobe while still looking your best.

For walking the vineyards, Ashlee was sure to wear her chunky heels in order to prevent any shoe-related incidents.

She also always had a stylish pair of sunglasses on her person. Pictured here are her go-to sunglasses from DIFF Eyewear. She completed her outfit with accessories by stacking Anuket's Champagne CZ Gold Stud Earrings with the Gold Ribbon Earrings.

Outfit Idea 4

Ashlee’s go-to travel outfit is always a comfortable cotton maxi dress. It's super cozy on the plane and she still looks chic enough to spend her first day wearing this outfit to explore the area.

Ashlee paired this all black maxi dress with an oversized sweater to ward off the San Francisco chill.

Although not pictured here, because it is already tucked in her travel bag, Ashlee also never travels without her favorite pashmina. This versatile piece is like a big lightweight scarf; however, it isn’t bulky and provides the perfect amount of warmth. She uses it as a wrap, blanket, or even a pillow while traveling.

Link to Inglenook Winery

Her pashmina folds up nicely to fit in her go-to travel backpack - which is actually a chic leather diaper bag! Diaper bags are full of pockets and convenient storage space, even more so than your average travel bag.

For footwear, Ashlee wore her new-to-her Queen Bee Alexander McQueen shoes. Ashlee loves high fashion at an affordable price, that’s why she bought these shoes and many other designer items from Tradesy (which is now Vestaire Collective)! You can find amazing, secondhand designer brands in perfect condition for a much more affordable price.

Ashlee's accessories included her go-to DIFF sunglasses and Anuket’s demi-fine CZ 14k gold stud earrings stacked with her pair of genuine diamond earrings. Yet another instance of affordable luxury!

Ashlee's Top Suggestions

Comfortable Shoes

Chunky heels, cute sneakers, booties, etc are all great options. Just pay attention to where you'll be walking because there can often be grass, gravel, or dirt.


It can go from chilly mornings to warm sunny afternoons easily in wine country. Light layers and transitional pieces help keep you comfortable.

Staples that you can
Mix and Match

Having staples such as shirts, pants, purses, and jewelry in a coordinating color palette will save you lots of room without sacrificing style.

Flowy Skirts or
Maxi Dresses

Loose skirts and dresses are an easy way to be comfy and cute all day long. They act as a blanket on the plane but can keep you cool in the heat too! 

Hats, Sunglasses,
and SPF

You'll be spending plenty of time outside enjoying the vineyards and patios, so don't forget to bring some protection from the sun.

Fragrance Diffusing Jewelry

Lots of walking in the sun means lots of sweat. Wear your fragrance all day long without worry off sweating it off with fragrance diffusing jewelry.

Not sure which wineries to visit during your trip to Napa Valley? We've got you covered with a detailed list of Ashlee's favorites in our latest blog, The Best Wineries in Napa, California.

Have you been or plan on visiting Napa's wineries? Let us know if you used any of our wardrobe advice! We would also love to hear about your favorite go-to fashion pieces for traveling down in the comments.

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