Valentine’s Day Outside of the Box

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"He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."
Emily Brontë

Oh yes, the time is near. The teddy bears, chocolate boxes, and flowers are starting to fill every store and the Jared and Kay commercials are constant. *Insert eye roll* Don’t get me wrong. I love love and I even love Valentine’s Day! What I hate is seeing people fall victim to the stress and worry that Valentine’s Day seems to bring. Don’t worry though! I’m here with some of my best tips to make this the least stressful, most special Valentine’s Day possible and I think you’ll really like them.  

The most important thing is to remember to stay authentic to you and the relationship you have with your loved ones. Regardless of the relationship that you’re celebrating, romantic or platonic or otherwise, remember that you know the relationship better than any advertisement or commercial. You love these people every day and you should be confident that you can show them better than anyone can tell you. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t find inspiration and ideas externally. Just don’t let anyone but you determine the worth of how you show love!

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This brings me to my first point. The perfect gift. It doesn’t have to be Hallmark perfect. It just needs to be a good representation of the love between you and your loved one. This could mean it will be deep and heartfelt. Perhaps it will be funny and lighthearted. Maybe it will be fancy and expensive, or maybe it will be a small but priceless gesture reminding them how much meaning they hold in your life. Our holiday gift guide can absolutely give you a hand if you need some ideas that won’t break the bank. 

Not feeling a specific gift? Dating a minimalist or someone who loves spending quality time? Consider creating an experience for your loved one instead of stressing over the details of finding a perfect item. Find out their favorite, most decadent dessert and learn to make that. Order in their favorite meal with a good bottle of wine and that documentary that they’ve been dying to watch! Remember that a quality, meaningful moment is worth so much more than a bunch of material items to many people. Get creative and plan something memorable!

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Thinking of showering them with roses or another flower? If that’s what they love then go for it! Here’s another alternative though, for those who like to live outside of the box. Why not buy them some plants? The mental and emotional benefits of nurturing and caring for plants is undeniable and it provides them with something that will constantly remind them of you as opposed to cut flowers which last a couple of weeks tops. Here are 8 of the best plants to give as gifts. 

If you’d like to go the traditional route with dinner reservations, consider a small mom and pop restaurant offering a Valentine’s Day special menu. Many of these businesses are in need of customers on this holiday as fancier, fine dining places usually scoop up a majority of the business. However, I find that these smaller, individually owned spots often create a much more intimate and welcoming environment with special touches and a staff that is happy to make your special evening as wonderful as possible! Plus, you’re usually surrounded by other cool, laid-back couples who live just outside the norm like you, which can add even more delicious energy to the environment. If you do decide to go fancy, then I suggest you go big! Dress to the nines, order champagne or a fancy bottle of bourbon, pick your favorite dish, and savor every single moment. Order an Uber black and ride in style! 

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Last but not least, for the lovers, be sure to get playful when planning your more intimate moments. Don’t be afraid to set a sexy mood and try something new. If lingerie and underwear get you and your partner going, invest in something new and tantalizing. Add an alluring scent to your pulse points to add to the magic of the moment. We recommend this unique fragrance that is sure to be unforgettable (hint, it’s an aphrodisiac! *wink wink*). 

The most important part is that you stay true to yourself and to the type of relationship you have with the people that you’re showing love to. Don’t get over-consumed by the hype and fall for the corporate Hallmark trap. Unless that’s your thing, then totally enjoy it all! Love is such a beautiful thing that can be expressed in so many different ways. There’s no reason why you and your loved ones can’t create the most memorable Valentine’s Day on your terms. I know it will be a Valentine’s day to remember. 

I hope this helps encourage you to step outside the box and try something new! If you try any of these ideas or choose to enhance your V- Day experience by wearing any Anuket fragrances, please tag us on Instagram so we can share in the celebration of your love!  

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