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Fragrance Sampler Pack
Six small sample bottles of Anuket fragrance oils on dark wooden background

Fragrance Sampler Pack

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Haven't yet tried Anuket's unique scents? Here's your chance!

Our fragrance sampler pack includes 1mL of each of our six current fragrance oils: 

  • Pure Papyrus Oil: Our Signature Scent
  • Pure Lotus Oil
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Pure Sakkara Oil
  • Pure Egyptian Musk
  • Pure Mimose Oil

Anuket fragrances last longer on the skin than traditional perfumes and colognes because our scents are pure concentrated oils, and always all natural and cruelty free. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Dara Burris
Aromas are awesome

Thank you the aromas are wonderful.
I will definitely be ordering soon. The Pure Egyptian, Rose, Mimose and sakkara where my top ones on my skin.


Lasting fragrance is an issue for me. Many pricey perfumes fade quickly. I started buying travel sizes to test new fragrances so this Sampler was the perfect way to test Anuket oils. New Problem: Love them all!!! 😆 Will likely be trying the full-sized Papyrus first because it was a new scent that really connected. Still deciding but definitely recommend. Thank you!!!

Lora Vencill
Love the scents

I've really enjoyed the sampler especially the Pure Papyrus, though I do wish some of these scents were formulated as a spray.

Joann Theodore
Love love love.

I have 3 favorites and plan to purchase the first one very soon!!!

Lisa Hudson
Love the sample pack!

The sample pack is a great gift in itself and when they share which scents they prefer, then I have another gift 🎁 idea for their next celebration!
I’m sorry that I couldn’t make the party that you had last Saturday! I would’ve enjoyed that. It was very thoughtful of you Ashlee!! All the best! 👋 Lisa Hudson