Pure Blue Lotus Roll-On Fragrance bottle on a straw braided background
Pure Blue Lotus Roll-On Fragrance bottle on a straw squared background
Woman holding Pure Blue Lotus Roll-On Fragrance bottle in her hand towards her neck
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Pure Blue Lotus Diffusing Oil bottle, Pure Blue Lotus roll-on fragrance bottle and round box displayed on a braided straw background

Pure Blue Lotus Roll-On Fragrance

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Embark on an aromatic journey down the Nile River with Anuket's Pure Blue Lotus Roll-On Fragrance. Revered in Egyptian culture for its protective and blessing-bestowing properties, the Blue Lotus bloom produces an essence that is an ideal choice for those seeking a fragrance to promote a sense of cool, calm waters.

Scent Profile:
The relaxation-inducing unisex aroma of Blue Lotus essence presents a clean and subtly powdery bouquet. Known for its ability to inspire tranquility, the soothing scent evokes fresh, aqueous florals with a hint of earthiness, allowing individuals to experience a connection with nature's beauty. It’s a fragrance that is both intriguing and subtle, captivating the senses with its airy uplifting notes. 

A delicately extracted and undiluted roll-on oil fragrance, Pure Blue Lotus is a scent that will linger on your skin all day long. Beyond its enlightening aroma, lotus oil was an essential part of the pharaohs’ beauty routines due to the essential vitamins and antioxidants that nourish, moisturize, and illuminate the complexion of the skin. Unveil the purity of Blue Lotus, a holistic addition to your daily routine.

Anuket Fragrance Features

  1. Roll-On Application: Anuket's convenient roll-on applicator, made of natural black stone, ensures effortless and precise fragrance application.
  2. Long-Lasting: Our concentrated pure-oil formula ensures a longer-lasting scent than your alcohol-based perfume or cologne.
  3. Travel-Friendly: The compact size and spill-proof design make it an ideal companion for your daily adventures AND more long distance travels.
  4. Luxurious Design: In an opaque glass bottle, to protect the integrity of the oil, and adorned with the elegant branding of Anuket Luxury Apothecary, the packaging and artful design make each day you use our fragrance a little more luxurious.
  5. Natural Ingredients: We've meticulously selected high-quality, natural Egyptian oils to ensure a fragrance that is as gentle on your skin as it is captivating to your senses.

10ml / .34 fl oz
Ingredients: Pure Blue Lotus Essential Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
CustomerNancy Christman
Love it !!!

I love both the Pure & Pure Blue Lotus !!!

Kevin McDiarmid
Very nice, far to expensive

This is my 2nd roll on. I love both scents but for 10 ml I could buy 3 50 ml branded perfume. Then throw in the postage it's nearly £100. I can buy similar 10 ml roll ons for £12 in the UK. Just not the scents I want.
Sadly as much as I like the scents and presentation they are to expensive. Sorry.

Hello Kevin,
I'm so glad to hear that you love our scents, but I'm sorry that you feel our products are too expensive. As a small business, we take every customer's comment to heart. I wanted to let you know why our prices are set the way they are, so that you can see the cost is actually a great value.

While you can buy a larger bottle of fragrance for similar prices, those 'branded' perfumes are mostly made of alcohol and other fillers. Because Anuket's fragrances are pure concentrated oils, that 10mL bottle will actually last you about six to eight months, if you are using the product daily, or even longer if you use it less often. And because they are pure oils, they will not expire or go rancid like alcohol-based fragrances can.

To try to help our customers better understand the value of our fragrances, we wrote a blog about the difference between our oils, commercial perfumes, and other fragrance products on the market. You can find that here, if you are interested in learning more: https://anuketluxury.com/blogs/from-our-founder/the-difference-between-fragrance-oils-perfume-eau-de-toilette-cologne-and-more

I hope this helps, as we would love for you to continue to wear our incredible and rare scents.

Anuket Owner

Karen T
Daughter’s favorite fragrance so a must have gift

This fragrance is so lovely the scent lingers very well. It’s like a warm hug to the senses. M

Maxine Mair
Signature scent

I have been trying to develop a signature scent, The Pure Blue Lotus roll-on is part of that scent, Thank you for this awesome scent!

Ellie Vates
I love these aromas!

They have a nostalgic quality of "fine" perfumes, however I appreciate that they are simply single pure essential oils.