Fragrance Diffusing Jewelry - Dos and Don'ts

Anuket Demi-Fine Fragrance Diffusing Jewelry

Experiencing a current revival, Fragrance Diffusing Jewelry is actually an ancient form of self-adornment.  The ability to tailor one’s look, as well as scentscape, was considered the height of fashion.  We at Anuket Luxury Apothecary have looked to our forerunners from Ancient Egypt for the inspiration for our newest fragrance diffusing jewelry lines. Not only do they embody the luxury and grace of Ancient Egypt, but they are accessibly priced high-quality demi-fine pieces.

But what is fragrance diffusing jewelry?  How does it work?  And what are the “dos” and “don’ts” to wearing it?

What is Fragrance Diffusing Jewelry?

Anuket Sunset Fragrance Diffusing Necklace

Put simply, fragrance diffusing jewelry are pieces that incorporate porous material (in Anuket’s case, natural lava and pumice stones) that can catch and release scent from fragrance oils as you wear the jewelry.  These elegant pieces blend aesthetic with fragrance in a way no other jewelry can.

The added benefit to the Anuket line is that you are in control of exactly what fragrance and how much you would like to add to your pieces.  However, there are some simple dos and don’ts that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your fragrance diffusing jewelry.

Fragrance Diffusing Jewelry “Dos”

1.  Customize your experience.  Part of the fun of fragrance diffusing jewelry is that it is completely customizable.  Which pieces and scents you choose are up to you.  Select from six unisex fragrance oils from our shop and find one (or two!) that fit your unique style.

Anuket Demi-Fine Jewelry

Anuket Fragrance Diffusing Jewelry

2.  Embrace unique scents. Many other brands feature similar scents and oils.  At Anuket, everything from our signature Pure Papyrus to our Pure Sakkara scent is different from anything else available on the market.  The general unavailability of papyrus oil in the United States will ensure you stand out with a scent everyone will be asking you about!

3.  Put the fragrance onto the jewelry yourself.  It should be noted that the jewelry by itself has no scent. The scent is only added after putting a drop or two onto the porous lava or pumice stone. The stone then diffuses the fragrance for 24 hours or more, depending on the amount you use.  For a stronger, longer lasting scent, consider two drops of oil.  For a more subtle scentscape, try one drop for each stone.

Anuket Fragrance Diffusing Earrings

Fragrance Diffusing Jewelry “Don’ts”

Anuket Deities Fragrance Diffusing Bracelet Collection

1.  Don’t use too much fragrance oil.  Anuket Luxury Apothecary Diffusing Oils are rich and full-scented. We never dilute our diffusing oils with alcohol or other additives. As mentioned earlier, only a drop or two of oil is needed on each porous stone.  Make your fragrance oil last as long as possible by adding only as much as you need, and no more.  Also, only apply the oil to the porous stones, never the metal portion of the jewelry to ensure no tarnishing.  Wipe clean with a dry cloth and ensure a long life for your jewelry.

2.  Don’t forget to apply the fragrance.  Again, it’s worth repeating, the jewelry by itself carries no scent.  To augment your pieces, you need to first apply the oil yourself.  While our jewelry is beautiful all by itself, adding a scent is what takes them to the next level. So don’t forget to add the oil each time you wear the jewelry if you no longer smell the scent.

Anuket Tut Fragrance Diffusing Earrings

3.  Don’t worry about trying out different fragrances!  Although concentrated fragrance oils can last a long time, eventually the diffusing properties of the fragrance oil will dissipate.  Wait until the scent disappears and you can use a different scent entirely!  This way, your look can stay elegant while you can adapt your scent to any situation.

4.  Don’t think this is just for the ladies! All of our bracelets come in small or large. Designs are gender-neutral so that everyone can enjoy wearing their fragrance oils the way they want.

Anuket Fragrance Diffusing Bracelets

There’s never been a better time than right now to explore fragrance diffusing jewelry.  With the release of Anuket’s new lines, you are able to choose from numerous different pieces and six scents. Find a combination that suits your fashion and personal scentscape needs!

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